Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Mutual Feelings

He has mutual feelings :)
That gives me butterflies.

Ah, I just bombed two tests. My motivation has drastically gone downhill since start of this so called senior year. I just am ready to be done. Two years of school straight may be a tidge more than I can handle. That's ok. I just need to get on top of the ball for the rest of the semester.
That may be hard. I'm so sidetracked by ending a relationship, the mutual feelings I have for another person, the drive to want to have fun instead of doing school work, actually having great roommates that we sit and screw around for hours and cook and watch tv shows together, family get togethers that make me realize how short life is and how much time I want to spend with them, church and knowing this life is meant to be lived for God, and not for the next A.
Wow, that feels really good to start to get that out.
By the way, this new diet-drink thing I'm reading is absolutely whack and makes me sick at how people twist nutritional information to market a product that A) doesn't work B) isn't good for you and C) wastes your money by false claims.
Oh the joys of being a nutrition major :) At least I have fun reading nutrition labels. Hehehehe
Ok on to procrastinating more work.

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