Friday, August 22, 2008


I know I already posted today....but I'm getting a "new" car!!

My previous car was a baby blue '01 Ford Focus SE with grey interior with roughly 65,000 miles on it. The one I'm getting is an white '03 Ford Focus SE with tan interior with about 20,000 less miles than my car that was crashed.

The insurance company gave us a check for $5500, Kevan wrote a check for $500 and my parents are taking $500 out of savings to pay the remainder of the amount. Not bad at all.

But my car is getting replaced for basically a $500 upgrade. Pretty neato!!

Which Path To Take

I sit here semi confused. I do this to myself a lot. I have so many passions and things I want to do with my life that often times I wonder if what I'm doing with my life is putting me towards what will fulfill my life the most. It takes faith but along with faith also needs to come some sort of knowledge of what the future might hold.

I have no idea what I want it to hold. I can't even tell you right now when/where I want marriage and kids to happen in my life.....other than not soon. Ha ha.

Recently I have been reevaluating my choice of college degree. I LOVE fitness, it's a passion. Nutrition is definitely something I love. I know I want to be a nurse for awhile. But recently my passion for volunteer work and college programming has start to take effect. I've been working with several offices on campus (Orientation, Transfer Transitions, SLiCE, etc.) and it's put an affect on me I wasn't expecting in the slightest. I want to help the world, make a difference, but in not just one way.

I know I'm not content sitting/standing still or being in one place for too long. I have long since figured that out though I LOVE Fort Collins and exactly where I'm at. However I don't want to ONLY be a nurse forever. There's my photography, my nutrition and fitness degree. I would love to work with college students and work for a college campus in which I help to do some sort of community engagement, leadership or orientation program of sorts. I also know I want to work with people. Being behind a computer doesn't suit my fancy. I also like flexibility.

I'm not quite sure what my talents are, what my niche is. I know I'm a great person (sounds egotistical I know). I get a lot of comments on how great I am at the things I choose to do, how I work hard. But honestly I don't know exactly what it is I do right other than bring energy, dedication and enthusiasm.

I don't know which path to take, what destinations these different paths would hold but I do know I'm continually at a crossroads. Hopefully eventually I'll be able to choose which path to take for the moment. Which fork in the road is the best for me, will make me happy, will glorify God and that will be fulfilling and rewarding.

Onwards I go.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

RAM Welcome

Today is the start of RamWelcome here at CSU and it's been CRAZY!!! Crazy in a good way though. I'm the Personnel Manager here at the IBOX on campus. For those who don't know, IBOX stands for Campus Information and Box Office. It's a great job and I love it. I've been working hard on a lot of changes and getting involved with other offices for projects and today is the start of all that hardwork paying off. It's been spectacular!! I'm so excited I can't even convey. I've been running around like a chicken with my head cut off and will be pulling over 50 hours here this week but I love it :)

My new roomies and I had lunch today and it's been great. God has truely blessed me with this year for my roommates. Patience and endurance pay off. It was nice to have lunch with them, and we all work in the student center which is fabulous. Shelly works downstairs at Copyrite and Britt works right "behind" me in the SLiCE office. Britt and Shelly and I are working on being more involved and helping each other with our areas of expertise. SLiCE stands for Student Leadership Involvement and Civic/Community Engagement. They offer a whole host of volunteer opportunities. Cans Around the Oval, CSUnity, Special Needs Swim, Alternative Breaks, etc. It's crazy and fun and wonderful and I can't wait to be even more involved!! But it's even more spectacular rooming with girls that are laid back and I get along with and that I can actually live well with :)

School starts Monday. It's crazy. I'm going to be a senior. I have to finish all the things on the "101 Things To Do Before You Graduate From CSU" list. I'm over halfway the top we go!!

Can't believe this is my senior year.


Thursday, August 14, 2008


Well today we mourn the death of my beloved Ford Focus. She wasn't just any Ford Focus; she was my ice blue baby, my encourager in times of the need for speed, not to mention she fit me perfect.

On Tuesday my brother totaled my car. I had an 01' Ford Focus Sedan, baby blue, with a "spoiler" on the trunk. Spunky, safe, reliable. GREAT gas mileage, paid off. She was supposed to last me at least another ten years. Well she died on tuesday. Until then I drive my brother's blah car.

I can't afford a "new" car and neither can my parents. We'll see if I even get a new one. My brother is fine. He's just in deep dung. His insurance will sky rocket, ticket, has to help pay for a my "new" car if I happen to get one.

Until then I'll bump around in his grey old granny car. Not exactly my style but I can't complain. Here's to my bike. Who will become my best friend once again this year. My bike, I toast thee. My Focus I mourn thee. Kevan's Stratus I drive thee...temporarily.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Birthday Bash

I turned the big 2-1 this year....and celebrated in style....studying for an algebra final. Hahaha not exactly how one would expect to spend their birthday but alas Jen and I stayed up until 2am studying that night. However, I got more birthday wishes than the past few years combined and most of my family called to wish me Happy Birthday.

I did have a birthday bash: I ran into Jen's coffee table and now have a gnarly gash on my knee. Way to go!! Haha

We are having a family dinner this weekend and celebrating a few birthdays. Pics to come. I ordered my first alcoholic drink yesterday at Chili's. Kind of weird.

For birthday I got to pick out what I wanted. I got a new blender, a can opener set that came with a whisk, potato peeler and grater. I also got a set of mixing bowls and pinch bowls :) And a set of pyrex. It's nice. I can't wait to use it!!

Alright, I'm off to study biochem in a bit. I have that final on friday. Art final has to be done by saturday. Woohoo!! Almost done with summer school. Then on to fall semester....

Monday, August 04, 2008

Happy Birthday

I will admit, sometimes I get discouraged because I feel as though people other than my family often forget about me or don't care. And I was afraid that my 21st wouldn't be special as I was working and going to class and have to study this evening for an algebra final. It might sounds selfish but my 16th wasn't a big deal, and I've worked every birthday since I was 15. I wanted something to be memorable.

The amount of birthday wishes I got today definitely made it special. Every person in my family called me, people were wishing me happy birthday on facebook all day long and it helped me to not feel like I'm just another person, that maybe there is something there for people to care about.

Thank you to everyone who wished me happy birthday.

This week is stressful but exciting. I finish all three of my classes starting with a final tomorrow! Definitely will be a relief. I am planning some more parties for Arbonne and hoping to make DM this month. It's completely up to God. Everything is in His hands. If He wants this for me then it will happen with Him working through me. If not, well then it wasn't meant to be at this point in time. But I could definitely use the supplemental income!! ;) And as well, we are gearing down then end of summer and starting training next week for IBOX. It is going to be chaotic and insane but it will all work out.

Well I'm finally off of work, taking home the flowers my mama sent me :D and heading to have dinner with Scotty. He's surprising me by making me some din din. And then it's off to study with Jen for good ol' algebra!!

Friday, August 01, 2008

Darkroom Dreams

Scott and I celebrated our two year anniversary last week and then my birthday is on monday. As a anniversary/birthday gift, he has got me started with the basics of a darkroom (think photography)! I won't have a darkroom for quite awhile. I don't have a place for one or a room dark enough for one. BUT I have the beginnings of a darkroom, which is so exciting!

How thoughtful of him to do that for me :) It's all second-hand antique darkroom equipment (well minus the trays and tongs) which makes it that much cooler!

I'm excited. One day I'll be able to explore my manual photography even more! If there's one thing that drives me nuts, it's sending your film somewhere to be developed and them cropping your pictures how they see fit. I know I'm missing SO much of my pictures every time I get them developed but I have no other choice. Soon enough though I can develop my own. One day my darkroom will be a reality and I can get a good digital camera and be happy :)

On other news, I made it to qualification for District Manager for Arbonne this month!! That's exciting. One more month and I'll be DM and be getting a paycheck from them!! I'm one month closer to financial freedom and being able to follow my dreams. It's rougly two years until then but really, come on, two years is absolutely nothing. In two years, I'll have the income to be completely debt free. And if that doesn't get someone excited I don't know what would!! hahaha

I moved into my new place! Ok well my furniture is there, along with six other people's stuff so I'm not technically living there yet. Tonight I'm cleaning my bedroom carpet and I hope tomorrow morning to actually be arranging my bed and hanging up clothes and whatnot. And next week the pictures will go up on the walls. Oh how glorious.

Have you ever seen Harry Potter?! Well if you have you will recall the walls of the staircases to the dormitories at Hogwarts are covered top to bottom with picture frame and after picture frame. One day I will have a wall just like that ;)

Anywho, off to do work and get to class. One week left of summer classes.