Friday, November 28, 2008


Thanksgiving sucked. Second worst day of my life.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Great night

I had a great night last night :)

Went to Denver...hung out with some new was great!

Saw Role Models.....friggin hilarious to the max. Watch it. Love it. Laugh.

Man, I can't believe break is already half's so jampacked already!! I'm so tired though. Wanna go home and take a nap but I can't because I'm at work. Doing nothing more than messing around and doing homework JUST so I can get the hours and the $$$.

I wanna go cuddle :) With my new cuddle Bud-dy....hahahaha. Bud is a puppy. Get it cuddle Bud-dy. Alright yes I know lame joke. Onward!!

Cali here in I come in just a few days. Tina out!! hahaha

Ok seriously, I need to get SOMETHING accomplished. Apparently it's going to be my renal case study for Medical Nutrition Therapy. Well at least I hope I can get it done anyway. I DO have six hours to work on the damn thing.

Man oh man. So many feelings, no energy and not wanting to write it all out. AHHH!!! I'm in a good mood though.

Whoop di do.

Oh yes if you get the chance to play rockband there is this song called Bounce by The Cab that is pretty rad to play on the guitar...try it. It's great. Listen to the song. It's great.

Friday, November 21, 2008


Another day, another week in the life.

WOW it's been a busy week for me. But fall break is upon us and I couldn't be more thankful :) It's just a nice little time to relax and have stress at only like 90% instead of the usual 170% or so.

In Nutrition in the Life Cycle this morning we watched a movie about aging and it's effects on society and the psychological effects. As well, as how it affects us as far as chronic disease, keeping functions optimized and so forth. Some people die early in life for all the obvious reasons: accidents, cancer, chronic disease, etc. Some people die later in life for the same reasons or natural reasons but can happen in either of two ways: one in which the person lives an independent life and one in which the person lives a dependent life. Whether that be upon people, machines, medications, accessories, etc.

We live longer and longer with each passing generation (minus biblical times) which in essence is a good thing. We no longer die prematurely due to epidemics, well for the most part. We have the capabilities to address these premature deaths and can prolong life. But at what cost?

For those that live well into their 70's, 80's, 90's and beyond with mental cognition and physical ability, it's a great life. Life can be fulfilling, rewarding, and they don't have the added stress of financial and emotional burden placed upon themselves, family members and other members of society. However for those that lose their mental or physical abilities in any way, it can have a devastating effect. Costing lots of turmoil either emotionally or financially or both upon themselves and others, it's something we need to be aware of.

We are at the threshold of the aging of the baby boomers. In a few years, 20% of our population will be geriatric. That's approximately 70 million people ages 60+. Along with this comes all the problems of aging: vision, hearing, reaction times, ability to speak, mental cognition and function, bodily functions, Alzheimer's, dementia, Parkinson's among a great many other things.

Along with this, more and more families are met with the hardships of broken home, distances in geographics between the elderly and younger generations, and more families having less children (which often times take on the task of helping their parents/grandparents age while in turn raising kids/grandkids). They are called the sandwich generation and it's taking away from their own lives, both in overall health, lifetime expectancy as well as the toll it has on their life at this moment in time.

It makes me realize how precious family is, how important the little things are in life and helps me to remember what really IS important in life. I need this reality check a lot it seems.

But it makes me wonder what challenges I will face as I grow older in life. Will I make decisions that will make my life fuller, longer, and allow me to live with function into my old age? Will I die happy knowing I did what was best? What was right?! So many unknowns, so many concerns.

It's made me realize how much I do care about Scott. We have been spending some time together and he's very important to me, I care about him. Always have. I never thought I would be "that girl" that loves someone but doesn't want to be in a relationship with them despite my feelings. I just have so much going on I possibly can't. I know relationships shouldn't be much added on but for me they are. With where I'm at in life, with so many decisions that need to be made but can't based upon one decision that won't be made for months is crazy. It's stressful. I have no idea where my life is taken me and this one decision I have to wait for will decide the next couple years of my life and it's scary.

With Scott, things are natural but there's still always that distance which is hard and takes a lot of work, a lot of work I just feel I can't take on right now. But watching that video makes me wonder am I putting my life into perspective into life the right way? We have limited time. Am I wasting away something that would make my life so much better than I ever expected?

I know I need to grow. There's a lot on the inside I need to work on. So many things that need to be addressed internally. So many thoughts that need to be dealt with. I just keep asking myself, am I focusing on the wrong things? Am I keeping life in perspective?

When Scott unofficially proposed to me after Betty's death I had the right perspective. It was life is short, life is wonderful and life is meant to have love. I had that. And now life and my head and my heart are sending so many messages to me right now, I wonder.

Oh wow, so many thoughts. So much confusion. So much life. So little time. So much to think about. So much love to give. So much love I want. So many things that need to be worked on. So many things that need to be experienced. So many desires. So many things that need to be enjoyed. So many things.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Gas troubles?

Oh yes, I forgot.

Right now gas is below $2.00 again....finally!!!

However I found out today from my mom that some of America is upset with Obama. Of course I asked why. And she told me that he may become one of the first president's in history to overturn executive order of the previous presidency. I didn't know this was possible first of all but I guess it is one of his powers. But it is taboo. It's never heard of. Those who take office just don't do it.

I guess though that Obama might overturn some sort of bill that approved domestic drilling of oil. Apparently Obama thinks we need to relieve our dependence on oil (I agree) but to do this by not allowing domestic drilling and making us turn to only foreign oil is absolutely stupid. I WILL be pissed to no end if I have to pay $4.00/gallon again. Mainly because I CAN NOT afford it. I just can't. I make $8.36/hr. Do you know how hard that is to pay ALL of your bills and still have some left over?! Yeah I can't afford any one of my bills to cost too much more per month. Especially since I do enjoy driving home and visiting my family that lives an hour away.

Finding this out makes me nervous. Is it really true what they say that when Democratic policy goes into place, that those who don't have jobs get "paid" really well while those who work their asses off struggle to get by?!

I wonder if just like everyone else, Obama will be getting hell when he leaves office. Which will be interesting considering that America is "standing behind" him and his change is supposed to bring great things.

Alright honestly I'm really off to bed this time :)

It's a Great Day To Be Alive :)

It has been a really great day!! I don't know why but today was just great.

The opera was really good :) I couldn't understand a lot of what was being said when the woman were singing due to the high pitches of their voices mixed with the high pitches of the music. But it was still good. It was called Street Scene, was based in the early 1900's when the middle of the city consisted of all sorts of immigrants: Germans, Italians, Irish, etc. It happened over two days and was about an assortment of tennants and the heat, along with a passionate love affair that ends in the death of the affairees and the breaking up of a family. Craziness!!! First opera = success.

I'm going to go see the Nutcracker ballet!!! I asked my aunt if she wanted to go with me as I've never seen it and really wanna and the Colorado Ballet is supposed to be absolutely wonderful. It turned into a family affair for us women so now myself, my aunt, my mom, my grams, lisa and my aunt's friend are all gonna go. Yippee!!

I got to wear my new scarf :) It's bright orange. My dad made fun of me today. Called me scarf girl. Called me a psuedo hippie. Haha. I guess I could see it. Jeans with long sleeves and a dress over it all with two scarves and wearing two huge rings, not having had a shower. Add in some pot and some tree hugging and I wouldn't be pseudo anymore.

Speaking of which, I think I'm one of the only college students that hasn't ever tried pot. Seriously. Alyssa cracks me up. The amount of wild child that's in her. She's my inspiration of learning to just totally enjoy life and loosen up. Now if only I could dance and move my hips like her. I'd be set. ZUMBA!!

I heart passion. It's so great to see people who have passion, even if it's not the same passion I would have.

I got to see my grams today. She flew in from West Virginia on Thursday and she's here for three weeks this winter over Thanksgiving time. She goes back the saturday after Thanksgiving. My grandpa didn't come out, thankfully. I don't care to be around a man that picks fights with everyone all the time and also makes it painfully obvious he doesn't care to be around his family. But I love grams. And I get to spend some time with her. Bubba Gump. We watched Forrest Gump this evening. Good times. Dinner with the fam seriously gets funny, with all of us kids under one roof. The mix of myself, Marshall, Kevo and Reece is nothing short of an arguing circus sometimes. I love them boys. Oh man, I don't want them kissing girls though. It's tough to let them grow up. But kissing girls, I still see them as my brothers who ran through fields with me back in the day, and they didn't kiss girls back then!! hahaha

Oh heating blanket, how I love thee. Anyway, I'm off to bed. Have a long day of studying ahead. Medical Nutrition Therapy, thou will be the death of me.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Opera mania

Tonight I'm going to the opera here at the University Center for the Arts on the CSU campus. It's going to be great :) I've never been to an opera. I'm trying to find someone to go to the Colorado Ballet performance of The Nutcracker. I love the Nutcracker music and love ballet and have never seen it so I wanna go!! Too bad the tickets are so expensive. Marc said she'd go with me so hopefully she really will :)

Every time I think I'll have a fairly decent slow week I'm slammed with tons of homework or studying every night. I can't even remember what I've done every day, just know that I've been busy. Ha ha ha.

Medically I'm concerned. I can't get good sleep for the life of me. I go to bed exhausted, wake up exhausted, am borderline narcoleptic right now, my neck and back are in constant pain. On a scale of 1-10 right now it averages 7. Sometimes it's around a 9 or so. I can't hold my back up or neck up too long without "resting" it somehow whether that be sitting against a wall for my back or propping my head on my hand to rest my neck. My body CRAVES how "effortless" it is to lay down with a pillow in between my legs and a pillow under my neck. I don't think that's normal!! Not to mention, I have headaches every night with the sheer exhaustion all the time. I think my thyroid has incredibly slowed down again. Seriously, I feel like that, plus stress might be huge contributing factors.

"Listen to the music of the moment."

Listening to Jason Mraz on right now.

Do you ever wonder you could step into the past?! I really do a lot of times. I wish I could go back and watch my life in third person view, I wish I could go back and meet my parents when they were younger. I wish I could go back in time and experience cultures that fascinate me. Like the Victorian age, the Egyptians, the Romans.

I have the huge yearning to travel right now. I would love to go spend every last dime on a plane ticket and an SLR and travel to Europe, starting in England/Ireland and winding up in Italy, taking pictures to my heart's desire and learning to be free. Man oh man if only I really had the guts to do that. Unfortunately I don't.

I have so much in my head right now but none of it I want to say and honestly not a lot of it I can portray in words. Just know I'm working through a lot of things, trying to enjoy the moment though it's increasingly becoming hard to do in the environment of my life, and that I'm working on becoming a better person, trying to discover who I truly am and accept that.

Yeah for the opera tonight. Street Scene. Here we go.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Veterans Day.....for those who have served

Thank a Veteran for your freedom. Their sacrifice will never be forgotten.

Traveling Photography

If you would like to know why I

A) have a passion for photography,
B) want to travel the world,

check out this website:

Go to the "Photos" then "By Subject" then "Travel"'ll see :)

Amazing photos from around the world by EXCELLENT photographers....seriously, this is beautiful work.

Monday, November 10, 2008

The Geese Are Back In Town

First: the smell of fireplaces is officially in the air as I walked home today. I've been denying the approach of winter far too long with our pleasantly warm days and flip-flop wearing habits. I can no longer be in denial with the frigid weather we had today and the flurries that fell (much to my disapproval) earlier this evening. Shel fired up our fireplace though. She is sitting in front of it as we speak working on her physics.

Two: the geese are back in town. Gone are the days of not having to watch your feet to dodge goose poo on the sidewalks and grass. Here are the days of slamming on my brakes during rush hour driving down College Avenue to allow a bundle of geese to waddle across the road as I lament for the 180 seconds spent waiting for said geese to cross. As long as I don't have one quacking outside my window at 5:30am like the first semester I was here living in the University Apartments, I am A-ok.

Third: I have become so into fashion lately it's grotesque. I might give into the Ugg boot craze. I don't like Uggs. Ok well I will get the knock-offs, because let's admit it I can't afford to spend that much money on shoes. But I can no longer deny their functionality with the lack of actual shoes and/or shoes made of a material that can withstand snow/sludge/wetness. They are warm, they will keep my feet dry. I hate it when my socks get wet and even more when the back of my jeans get wet and it just slowly creeps up throughout the day as I walk to-from class. We'll see.

I love scarves. Great Christmas present idea for me ;) Let's clarify, not winter scarves. I like the bright colored, fun, wear any-time-of-year scarves. I have a green one and a zebra print one and I love them :) I ordered one from and a new jacket and am STOKED about their arrival. Discounts baby :)

I also love bracelet bangles. Fun funky earrings. Mix-match prints. Layering. Jackets. Vests. Rings. Seriously my obsession with fashion lately has become quasi ridiculous.

More than anything, I'm trying to decide what to do with my hair. I love my hair, it looks nice, but I've had more or less the same 'do for.....well almost all my life now. Hayley Williams, front runner of Paramore, is my inspiration. I might get my hair cut short into the contemporary bob and get a color (I'm thinking more golden on top with purple on bottom or something crazy like that....) or just get a color in which case I would want a mix of golden, orange and red streaks all over. Think Hayley orange....yeap that's right!!!

Four: I have had the worst tummy ache all weekend. I feel like my tummy has so much pressure. It makes sitting, walking, standing, laying down, everything miserable. I wish it would stop.

Overall I'm worried about my health. I'm going to a doctor about my spine on the 24th but I'm also going to them about my constant exhaustion. I go to bed utterly exhausted, I wake up utterly exhausted with my first thought being "When do I get to go to bed". I don't really do THAT much to be exhausted by, I have a lot of stress but I don't feel like it's enough to do that, I get adequate amounts of sleep. For instance, I fall asleep in the blink of an eye, never used to do that before. Today in class I was paying attention and in the middle of the sentence I literally just conked out for fifteen minutes. I don't think that's normal or healthy.

Five: I went to the student Dance Concert a couple weeks ago. It was amazing. Now we have the opera this friday. I'm excited :) I've heard nothing but great things and I'm excited. The show is called "Street Scene".

Six: For those that are Intervention junkies like me, you need to watch episode 68. Craziest of all crazies!! This woman gets high off computer dust remover. She goes through about ten bottles a day; the high kicks in right after inhalation and lasts about five minutes. Seriously, she's a freak. Watch won't be disappointed :)

Alright, I need to study renal disease for Medical Nutrition Therapy, do some studying on Bulimia Anorexia for Nutrition in the Life Cycle and get some work done :)

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Looking Through Differences

Man oh man, I love my roommates :) Britt and her boyfriend Eamonn are in the shower together....hahaha and I love how they are open enough to do that.

You have to picture the scene though. Britt, my liberal "let's change the world and make a difference", punk-rock and chick flick loving, penguin obsessed, pro story telling roommate. Eamonn her Irish punk-rock boyfriend who only has half a jaw (due to cancer earlier in life) and bright orange hair with his normal dark blue shorts, random t-shirt and socks to his knees. They are seriously one of the most disgustingly oddly cute couples I have ever met. They go together all too well. I think it's because they are not afraid to be who they are to the core. They have days where they whine, bicker, etc but still they go about their way kissing/hugging/loving/laughing.

They make me sick. Ha ha ha.

Seriously though, I've had judgmental roommates, those who think they are better than the other, who disagree and can't get past those disagreements. Britt, Shelly and I disagree on a lot of issues. For instance Britt and I both have completely opposite stances on race and social justice issues. Not necessarily different stances persay but where we are at and the approaches we take concerning those issues. Shelly and Britt both disagreed with Amendment 48 (the definition of a person) where as I agreed with Amendment 48. I'm a Christian, Shelly is too, Britt isn't. But it doesn't matter.

However we can openly disagree and be who we are. They have no problem with Scott and I hanging out here though they know we aren't together and don't question or talk down to me. Britt and Eamonn take showers and have sweet sweet sex and I couldn't care less. Britt and I have had many talks where she knows I'm not going to agree with what she says and vice versa but we know we can openly talk about these issues, issues where a lot of people just get too charged and can't get past the disagreements.

With a recent set of events that came up concerning my work and race, Britt was the first one I went to about this issue. Basically I'm being set up to be accused of being racist (though I'm not) but because I'm white and how I handled a situation, a very charged black employee who took offense at something not even close to being related to race coupled with my comments of me not finding the propaganda offensive has me set up to being accused of being racist. I asked Britt for her honest answer and she gave it to me.

I really appreciate that. I really do.

Ok anyway, on to the rest of my lazy day. I'm being laziest of lazy.....basically doing nothing but studying for the rest of the day.

Friday, November 07, 2008

Lentil soup

It's always the "mundane" things in life that usually seem to bring the most pleasure. And I love that.

Last night I took the night off of everything I should have been doing and drove to Boulder to visit with one of my Arbonne uplines but she's more than that, she's a dear friend. Her name is Jenn and she has a young family. Her daughter is three and her son is five. She is one of the most amazing, caring and giving women you will ever meet :)

But I went over to catch up with her and talk a little business and just have a night with a friend.

She made this amazing lentil soup. Delicioso!!! (puts fingers to mouth and kisses them in very Italian manner).

I've had a stomach ache due to the built up gases produced by the beans but what can you expect when you down two huge bowls of it?!?!

Absolutely amazing.

It's the simple things in life that matter.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Another Obama rant

So I totally forgot to post this in my last blog, and I just remembered it and felt like getting it out. There are a lot of big issues on the agenda that I was really concerned with: among health care, agriculture and their stances on marriage/abortion. Just a few things that are very important to me.

I was looking at Obama's voting record and I looked even farther into it and for the past four years, he has consistently and repeatedly not voted or voted no on any legislation that would seek to help out small-scale and family farmers (in other words, any non-corporation farm). This is a problem to me. The way our agricultural system is set up, it basically makes it impossible on regular farmers to make an income without going into financial debt or feel a heavy financial burden. The suicide rate of non-corporate farmers has quadrupled in the past twenty years.

This is a problem for us. Not only is it cutting out jobs and hiking up the price on our food, but it's leading to less biodiversity in our food system, higher food costs for a markedly less healthful food product and a market in which only a few corporations hold the fate of global hunger in their hands.

It really concerns me that he has not voted the past two years on the farm bill and voted no on legislation to adopt government sponsored farm insurance policies (which non-corporate farmers definitely need) and legislation that would grant subsidies to small/part-time farmers.

For those that don't know, subsidies are basically where the government gives money/supplemental help to farmers who grow certain crops....of which right now are corn and soybeans. However, you have to grow a certain amount before you get this subsidy. As it stands right now, your local farmers/smaller scale farmers who are already struggling do not get any governmental help if they are growing anything other than that. Farmers have increased land set aside to these two crops, cutting back on more healthful and environmental friendly crops that help to sustain the earth and produce a higher yield of crops. Also if you didn't know, these crops are not what we consider biodiverse. Instead of harvesting the most healthful or more seasonal strains, corporations have cut down the number of strains of so many crops to the one that suits their needs first and foremost.

There used to be hundreds of strains of potatoes. Now only a few dominant strains are grown, the first and foremost being russet potatoes. Are these the most healthful?! Are they the most nutrient dense?! Provide what our body needs?! Nope, instead they are the strain that makes the best french fries. Funny how that works huh?!

The strain of the most widely harvested lettuce......iceberg. Know what's ironic?! Our bodies do not digest it and it severely lacks in nutrients as compared to say red-leaf or romaine. But it "looks the best" and withstands transportation times better. Yet it does nothing for us!! I dare you to eat a lot of iceberg lettuce for about two weeks in a row and start paying attention to your poop. You will find you are literally pooping pieces of whole lettuce in your feces. Your body doesn't digest it!!!

Anyway back to my original point. Along with these subsidies being denied to part-time farmers, it only perpetuates the success of a few huge corporations who make a living off of one unhealthy, environmentally unsound monoculture that is wasting away the top-layer of our soil.

The fact that he hasn't voted on these bills shows he cares NOTHING about first our food system, what it's doing to the global food market, how sustainble it is, and it's effects on our environment.

So not cool with me. I haven't had a change to dissect his stances on healthcare yet but I can already assume from agriculture, marriage and abortion stances that I won't be happy with it.

Obama: doing nothing to solve global hunger, our nation's food/agriculture system, and pooping on our environment.

Obama - Really?!?!

I know everyone knows I'm a Republican and yes I voted McCain and yes I'm disappointed he lost. I think a lot of no-good is going to come about from the Democratic control that seems to be going into place on all levels, especially Congress.

Presidency is only one-third of our government, while legislation can ultimately be passed or vetoed by the president, it's our Congress that makes things happen. With democratic control in the both the House, Senate and Presidency, it honestly scares me as a Republican, and the ideals that I stand upon.

However, what bugs me the most about Obama winning is the "patriotism" that I see coming with that. Everyone thinks it's time for a change. I could go on and on about my stance on this and I will spare you for the while.

But this is what bugs me most: our President is now a man who refuses to put his hand over his heart while singing the American anthem, a President who actually wants to physically change the design of our flag and the words to our American anthem, a President whose history is so rooted in anti American sentiment it's not even funny.

How did a guy who is so anti-American and completley unpatriotic win the office?!

Everyone compared McCain to Bush for the simple fact that he's white, he's Republican and he's older. Which apparently makes one person exactly like the other in today's minds. Everyone hates Bush (don't even get me started on THAT tyrant right now) so therefore they hated McCain, so much so that they were blinded by Obama's Democratic stance and good speech skills to look at his voting record, his politics, his liberalism. We have the MOST liberal senator to date now as our President. Yes change might happen.....but honestly, is that change going to be for the better?!

Because it won't be slight changes, it will be major changes that will rock this nation patriotically, morally, ethically and will be a representation of our country to the world. The other nations of the world hate us, now let's see what they think when we have liberals running our country.

You want to know how annoying the rest of the world is probably going to think we are?! Well if you don't, just put into your mind how god awful annoying the Democratic campaign got. Seriously, even Democrats got tired of how pushy and aggressive the Democratic party was getting. We had surveyors come to our house over ten times in TWO days to tell us who to vote for, a lady in Fort Collins wouldn't hand out candy to trick-or-treaters until they answered who their parents voted for (and the answer they got candy for was Obama, McCain answers left with none), the phone calls, the millions of ads.

That's another thing, everyone was making a big deal about Palin's outfit or McCain's wife's outfit and how much it cost awhile, does anyone realize the MILLIONS of dollars Obama spent on ads?!

I just have a really hard time right now with the fact that our new President is so completely anti-American and now he is in office with a Democratically superior Congress.

Welcome to the new liberal, crazy America.

I seriously think I might move to Europe or Australia soon....who's coming with?!

Tuesday, November 04, 2008


So I know that I owe everyone a little bit of an update.

Scott and I are talking again. We are friends and working through a bunch of stuff that we should have worked through before. We had dinner together and talked through a lot of stuff on friday evening, four hours of talking actually and I think it was really good. We had dinner again last night and watched Saw III. It was good to hang out as friends and just enjoy each other's company.

I think the best part of it all is we know that in the future, we may get back together, but we also know where each other stands right now. He knows that I don't want to date right now, that I'm not ready, and he respects that. He has told me that though learning to be content with now is hard, especially when there is a certain direction he wants things to go, that either way it will be ok and be a win-win as there is a chance we get back together but even if we don't, we are friends and we have restored our friendship. And I will agree it is a win-win for us both. We both know that right now we are friends, and we are content with enjoying our friendship.

It's kind of weird. We have never been only friends in person. There was a time when we were just friends but that was before we met each other face to face. Once we met each other face to face we started dating. Now we are only friends and we get to hang out but it's different as we are both used to being in a relationship when we are together in person. There's some things with that we are working around but it's great to have his friendship and company again.

On other news, I love my brothers. They are growing so fast and so quickly, I feel old already!! But when I went home this weekend I got to spend a little time with them all. Reece is almost as tall as me now, weighs more than me and I can't believe it. Marshall picks me up like it's no problem and does bicep curls with me.

But I think we have all started to bond in more caring ways. It's nice to have that. It's nice to have Marshall to be close to and be friends with again after last year's tyrade with his ex girlfriend and her craziness.

School is going insanely crazy. I finally don't have a weekend completely jampacked and it's odd. Very odd to have some time off and to myself.

I'm SOO excited that today is election day and I don't have to listen to those annoying political ads!!! Halleluah!!! hehehe

I have no idea what is going on between Brian and I. Man he confuses me!! He'll flirt but then he won't talk to me for's odd.

But at this point I'm just enjoying being single and doing my own thing :)

It's nice to only have to worry about myself. It's nice to let God be in control with my dating life and me be content with having no idea what's going on!!

Tonight is EPIC!!! I am finally going to Big City Burrito to have one of their infamous everyone who gives me crap for never having one there can mark this down in the history I just have to go to Consuelo's.....and Elliott's Mess....and Jimmy John's....and Which Wich.....and Silvermine Subs......etc.

Alright, talk to you all on the flip side :)