Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Jewelry Holder and Picture/Memo Board

A few more projects that I was able to finish:

The first one was a couple of picture/memo boards that I made after finding the idea/tutorial here at Shanty-2-Chic. Really easy and really simple to make :-) I actually made two of them, one for my sister-in-law and one for a co-worker.

 This is the one I made for my sister-in-law. She loves the brilliant colors (too bad the clip ended up covering the peacock face...)
Both finished products.
Another thing I wish I would have done is distressed them a bit more...I figured that they will probably get distressed enough on their own but I should have sanded them down a wee bit.

The next project that I did was to make a jewelry holder for the same sister-in-law. There is no tutorial for this one (and unfortunately I didn't take pictures as I went). However it was really simple. 
Here's what you need:
-an old picture frame (hello thrift stores!) 
-cup hooks
-chicken wire mesh
-staple gun
-small pieces of cloth (optional)

I tried to duplicate the crackle finish from Shanty-2-Chic. The crackle did not work too well, at least not what you can see in the pictures, but if you see it in person up close you can see some. I just think I didn't do it right. 

Once that was finished I cut out the appropriate size of the chicken mesh and then stapled it to the frame. Lastly I painted and screwed in the cup hooks around the frame to provide a way to hang necklaces and other jewelry. (Earrings are hung on the chicken mesh). I rooted a few holes with a drill bit and then simply screwed the cup hooks into the holes. Easy peasy! 

Here's the finished product. 

Sneak peak of my next project:

Hanging Lake in Winter

The past month has been an eventful one, and quite the whirlwind of new emotions.

To begin with, no longer am I known as Nicole A C***. Rather I am Nicole A C***, RN, BSN!!!!
That's right folks. I am a Registered Nurse :-) I passed my exam on February 5th and was issued my license number by the end of the day February 6th!! What a great feeling to have finally reached my goal. Now only to find an RN job. Been working on that one....
However, I will say, I'm not quite sure how they gauge anyone is appropriate to be a nurse. I walked out of that test utterly convinced that I had failed. I knew not a single answer to any question.

Next, I have stepped back into the dating world! That's right, after 2+ years of being single, I dipped my toes back into the world of dating. Um can we please admit how scary...and exciting...that is! With that, I will mention no more on the subject.

Lastly, a little getaway to Glenwood Springs was had last week. I thought it a good idea that since I have been continuing to work crazy hours since school stopped, that I should take a week off of work. With that, a little overnight trip to Glenwood Springs to enjoy the hot springs at night ensued. When we left Denver, it was snowing pretty good with a prediction of several inches to fall. Upon arriving in Glenwood, the skies were blue, the sun was out, and there was no fresh snow on the ground. An impromptu hike to Hanging Lake was decided upon. I have wanted to hike up there in summer. The pictures I have seen have been beautiful. I just have never traveled the couple hours to Glenwood Springs to do so.

I will interject and say that if you do go in winter, the hike is pretty simple and easy, pretty short in distance (a mere 1.2 miles) BUT it is quite slick, so if you go, make sure to back a sturdy jacket, gloves, and wear hiking boots with great traction (and/or ice spikes that you can slip over your shoes).

The last little bit of the climb was a little treacherous. I literally used the rail to hoist myself up. But once to the lake, it was absolutely stunningly beautiful!! So worth the entire time hiking up. Taking in the majestic and numerous icicles that are normally waterfalls was breath-taking, and to see the clear water underneath the frozen top layer was spectacular. Absolutely amazing!! So glad we decided to actually hike up it :-)

the view while on the hike (more near the top) 
 Upon first seeing the lake at the top of the hike
 aren't those icicles just amazing?!
 look at that crystal clear water
 taking in the view
 more icicles!!
a more vertical view of the
the top of the falls
 Eric and I with Hanging Lake in the background 
the sunset once we were back down at the bottom 

Like I said, if you get the chance to do this hike, DO IT! I will most definitely be hiking it again in the summer to get the wonderful contrast :-)  

Sunday, February 03, 2013

Fun With A Munchkin

I have one nephew, which is odd for me to say as I'm the OLDEST of four, and so far the only one still single. Two of my three younger brothers are already MARRIED, at least a year each. Makes me kinda feel like an old maid. But with one marriage also brought my first nephew, which I adore. I adore being Auntie Cole.

They recently moved to Cali but my sis-in-law will be coming back every 5-6 weeks to continue her job doing hair for her clientele here in Colorado. Which means on that week I'll get to see and spoil my nephew. Though I was working nights and exhausted, his smile greeted me each morning and I happily deprived myself of sleep to help take care of this cute little guy. It's always nice to have that special little bond.

I adore the times when I can play with him down on the floor, or I'm so tired but still trying to entertain him so I become a human jungle gym while I lightly rest. It's also cute when, as I'm getting ready and doing my routine, I get to carry him along with me, and can make it fun. Such as, for instance, when I throw one of my beanies on him while I'm getting ready to go brave the cold, and I have my own beanie on ;-) Makes for cute candid moments!!

Such a cute lil guy!! I can't wait to see him again in another month. Gonna miss his little laugh around here.