What I Do

Two of the biggest aspects of my life are where I work and continuing my education...and just so happens they are intertwinable, influence each other, and continue to mold me. 

Where I Work
 Denver Health Medical Center 

Denver Health Medical Center is a level one trauma center that believes health care should be accessible to all. Located in the heart of downtown Denver, DH provides health care to all, despite ability or non-ability to pay. It serves the lowest socioeconomic and most diverse populations. The employees at Denver Health are known for their high standard of excellence in providing health care. On top of that, it's a teaching hospital. Friendliness and a willingness to teach are what makes me constantly love and enjoy my job. I get to help take care of the poorest and most diverse people, which makes for some of the hardest but most rewarding days, as well as enriching days in which I get to learn something new about other cultures and people. Far from dull, I'm currently employed full-time in the Correctional Care Medical Facility (aka I help care for prisoners....and is a job I never thought I'd do) but am allowed many opportunities to work throughout the hospital. I love my job! And have learned so much since I started employment in April! 

Once I start nursing school, I will no longer be able to stay employed full-time but I fully plan on working intermittently and continuing to keep working for Denver Health :-) 

Furthering My Education
Regis University - Accelerated Bachelors of Science in Nursing

My junior year of high school, I was accepted into UCCS's nursing program. Once at the school for a year, I learned that they dropped the masters program I was wanting to pursue and quickly found that I was looking for something more out of my college experience. I declined my clinical spot and moved to Fort Collins to attend CSU, earning my BS in Food Science and Human Nutrition, concentrating in Nutrition & Fitness. Despite getting the first degree, I always knew what my ultimate goal was: to become a nurse and work towards my NP. After graduation I applied to CU-Denver's School of Nursing and was denied twice. I then applied to Regis University's traditional nursing program and was directed to apply for the accelerated program at the direction of my academic advisor (I was denied for the traditional program sheerly from a lack of available spots to those not already Regis students). After interviewing I was accepted into the accelerated program!! Starting January 2012, I will spend the year working through their elite and intense accelerated BSN program!! While it's going to be a crazy and chaotic year, I can't wait to enjoy the ride and come out the other side with my BSN and ready to take the NCLEX to get my RN licensure. It is my intention and sincerest hope that by January 2013 I will no longer simply be Nicole Carr but rather Nicole Carr, RN, BSN. Stay tuned!

UPDATE: I finished my Bachelor's of Science in Nursing and obtained my Registered Nurse licensure. Now I'm on the hunt to become a Registered Nurse at Denver Health. Wish me luck :-) 

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