This Is Me

Top of the mornin to ya!

This is me, Nicole. I'm a single gal celebrating my 25th year of life on this crazy rollercoaster that is life. I have absolutely nothing figured out, way too many hopes and dreams, and find myself in a perpetual state of learning and yearning. I guess that's how it goes though when the Lord is trying to mold you. Vivaciously pursuing my dream to become a nurse, I try to live life passionately and happily. There are times that I stumble and doubt but all in all, I'd like to believe the Lord's grace is more abundant than my mishaps! 

Despite it all, this is where I pour out my heart, thoughts, and feelings to make as much some sense (or not so much) of my life and all of it's happenings.

 If you are reading this, thank you for tagging along :-)

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