Saturday, October 25, 2008

Goldfish and Wine

Hahahaha......oh how I've resorted to a little bit of a low. I needed to get the edge off of my restlessness and I needed to sleep tonight. Sleep without dreaming.

All of my dreams reflect my thoughts and emotions on life.

A few nights ago I had a dream that dealt with Scott and Brian and failing school. It basically was a representation of every thought going through my head.

I want to sleep for awhile to escape that.

Shelly and I went grocery shopping tonight. We got the obligatory flavor-blasted goldfish. I've been munching on those as my stomach always bears the weight of any emotion and is right now currently a tumultuous torrent.

I'm also downing my second cup of wine. Feeling a little tipsy and excited because it's going to knock my bum out tonight!! Bring on a moveless, dreamless sleep tonight :)

Great, I've resorted to goldfish and wine to temporarily escape my head. Hahahaha the only thing going through my head right now is the alcohol lab we did for Medical Nutrition Therapy and the amount of calories I'm consuming from goldfish and wine. Basically I just ate about 500 calories of empty caloric value, making my body even more inadequate in the proper vitamins, minerals and other nutrients it needs but feeding it worthless calories that inevitably add to weight gain.

Tomorrow I have Treatsylvania where I get to hand out candy to little kids :) I'm going to go buy some fairy wings and that will be my costume.

Alyssa was talking to me about dressing up for Halloween. I haven't done that since fifth grade. She's going to be a purple skittle wearing rainbow colored gloves and socks to represent "taste the rainbow." She told me I should be the green-colored skittle :) We'll see if I can pull it off.

We are decorating the IBOX as the Lorax this year. I'm the IBOX liaison of the Campus Activities as a whole. We are going to make the IBOX the Once-ler, all shabby and mixed up. The stairs will be part of the forest and then they will enter ASAP into the old Once-ler, see the Lorax pop up while encountering the Thnead Factory and leave along with the once-lers and encountering the stumps.

Ok, anyway, I'm going to continue binging on goldfish, wine and Friday Night Lights Season One. Tomorrow I'm going to the Farmers Market to get the last of the seasons fresh fruit and veggies :) Heck yes to supporting local!!

Bon nuit.

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