Sunday, May 31, 2009

I Want Some Mow, I Want Some Mow

Warning: This entry is a tad ridiculous.


Today my father FINALLY (after 7 years of me begging) taught me how to use the lawn mower and allowed me to mow the lawn.

Small feats but I take them where I can get them.

My dad has never been really wild about me being near anything that includes motors, machinery, or anything that can go fast. I have asked my dad throughout the years to teach me how to use the mower and let me mow, teach me how to drive stickshift, teach me how to ride dirtbikes/motorcycles, and BEGGED him to let me drive 4-wheelers on the rare occasions we've been around them.

I'm his little girl. He responded no at every chance.

However today "rent" was due. He originally assigned me the task of cleaning the truck to which I adamently refused as I had just spent four hours total in the past couple days cleaning my car. So instead I got the job of which he taught me how to run our lawn mower (simple I know but if you know my dad you know not to touch his tools/equipment/toys without being in his presence for him to properly show you how to use them).

I am excited :) I mowed my first lawn!!

So now I can officially add lawn mowing to my repertoire.

Hey don't judge.....I take pride in all life's little accomplishments.

Lessons learned:
1. Wear bugspray
2. Clip rosebushes out of the way, otherwise you get scratches all up your arm.
3. Lawnmowers suck to push up hill, even with the auto-drive thing.
4. I hate going round and round in circles, so there is no set pattern to how I mow, it's just all over the place....however I got it done :)

In the wise words from Remember the Titans: I want some mow, I want some mow :P

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