Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Early Morning Finals

I hate early morning finals....not only does it suck getting up early, it sucks getting up even earlier to study.

I don't feel so great....I actually feel quite sick to my stomach and like I'm about to pass out. Gotta love it. Awake at 3am, biking to campus at 6am, wtf?!

After 9am, I'll have 2 1/2 down and 1 1/2 to go!

Naptime this afternoon for sure....and then back to the grind....studying to wrap up this degree.


Got my cap & gown this afternoon.....scary scary thought!!! I'm going to be a college grad in a couple of days....whuda thunk it?! Surely not me!! I feel like I just graduated high school yesterday....now college....what's next?!

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