Sunday, May 31, 2009

You Spin My Head Right Round

Ok, life is going by way too fast. A week has flown by and I've done so much yet so very little and I feel like time has sped by but dragged on. Is this how adult life is always going to be?! Because if so it's going to take me a bit of time to get used to it!! Either that or it's just a VERY crazy time of the year....either way my head is spinning circles...

We had a very grand time on our little adventure through southern Colorado!! We started Monday night in Sterling picking up Tori and spending the night in her little "cottage". I had a great time grilling her about her new guy, Alan, who had made it to D3 with her (date #3). He's a lawyer....not to be confused with logger depending on who is pronouncing the name ;) He is 47, she's 31 but apparently he looks very young for his age. He's never been married. She likes him...the only hold-up is that he was raised Catholic and she's non-denominational Christian. For those who aren't aware, Catholicism IS a form of Christianity, sort of, but also not really. They pray to Mary and it's basically all about the rituals where as non-denominational Christianity is about a personal relationship with God.

Anywho, we had a great night laughing and chatting. Flank Stank, bottled specifically for you by Britt. This just in: up and coming photographer was strangled to death by her own camera strap by irritated aunt....OH MAN!! Great times :)

Tuesday morning we got up and headed down to the La Junta area with Bent's Fort being our first stop. On the way we stopped in Kit Carson. Word to the wise: if you stop there, there is only one place to go to the restroom and it's a little cafe that charges you either $1.00/person to use the restroom or can be used AFTER PURCHASE of any food stuffs. I got cheese fries....which was fries with a piece of melted American cheese on top. At least I got to pee in their ridiculously small bathroom in which I literally kissed the wall while trying to urinate. The wall was literally RIGHT there. Shelly and I amused ourself by singing, talking, laughing, planning friendship tattoos, and playing Scattergories. List 1, letter D, category insects: Shelly's answer = dead ones. I gave it to her. Really....that was an ingenius answer!!

Bent's Fort was sweet. Got to see peacocks, pet a donkey named Dan, and sat on the floor to take pictures....I love getting down & dirty ;) Then onto Rocky Ford to the Arkansas Valley Bed & Breakfast. CUTE little place, had dinner at Fiesta, laughed and talked and stuffed my face. While at dinner I got a facebook message with blessings from Eric's ex, who also happens to be a friend from high school. Apparently I didn't know what was going on at all as I didn't know they dated until he told me a month or so ago. Anywho, made me crack up :) AND THEN......MAMMA MIA!!! Seriously we had SO much fun watching that movie together....woot woot!!

Next morning awoke to auntie wailing Mamma ready with all four of us gals in one bathroom....mainly me sticking my head out of the shower to comment on random conversations and then fighting over mirror space to do make-up. Headed to Manzanola to visit where auntie & dad grew up, got to see Grams' old house in which I remember looking out the door at a rainbow. Went to 7 Hills.....Shelly and I will RIP her car when the time comes flying it as fast as possible over those hills....mark my words we WILL :) Then headed to Colorado Springs. Went to Seven Falls....climbed lots of steps, had chipmunks run onto Shelly's lap to try and steal her ice cream, loved the beauty of it, and then went to Fargo's for great pizza and wonderful (yet depressing) convo.

Watched He's Just Not That Into You after walking to a gas station to get MUCH craved ice cream. That was a lot of prepositions (inside joke). Slept wonderfully cuddling with Shelly for the third night in a row! Next morning went to enjoy the refreshingly freezing hot tub, coffee. Got ZOO TIME!!

I GOT TO PET A GIRAFFE!!! Seriously, it stood there and let me pet him. PICS TO COME!! Oh and a baby wallabee (sp?) and got to see animals RIDICULOUSLY upclose....heart it! Saw a fish now named Geekfish. Has 2 buckteeth. Wouldnt stop swimming so I could get a pic of it....but it really is the geekiest fish of all.

Came back to Sterling, got to hold/feed/burp my baby niece Adysen...oh how I love babies!! Spent the night at Tori's, enjoyed an early morning trip back to Brighton Friday morning. And VOILA....grand adventure complete.

Oh yes, and I stopped by Eric's work on Friday to surprise him and give him a hug as I haven't seen him since last Sunday and he's with the guys in Wyoming this weekend :) Heart him!!

I found a church I think I really's going to take more than one Sunday to know for sure...but I'm excited!! Spending time with Grams, bike riding, enjoying my afternoon. Job hunting starts hardcore tomorrow....operation fit-back-into-my-clothes starts today. That's it!! I can't afford new clothes and this gaining weight thing has got to stop. I'm still tiny...yes I know...but my ass doesn't fit into ANY of my clothes hardly....want my abs back, wants clothes to fit. Commencing.

Ok, well I'm off finally to go enjoy my's a BEAUTIFUL day outside...though I'm already burned so not too much sun today...that'd be bad.

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