Saturday, May 02, 2009

Fancy Party!!! - updated

Fancy Party is tonight!!! :)

So excited!!

Eric is coming up....don't know if any of my other friends are showing up or not. We'll see. It's probably going to be more low-key this time but we always have fun with it.

Check back at this post later for pics....I'll upload them tomorrow I'm sure :)



So the fancy party last night was absolutely wonderful....I felt amazing in my dress (even if I had it pinned in four areas to keep it up), we all had fun dressing up, Eamonn and Graham got the party rockin, Shelly and I danced it up, and Eric came up and looked handsome to the T's :)

Eamonn and Graham came over at 6pm, before any of us girls were ready and started drinking, meaning they were already a little drunk by the time 8pm rolled around. But Shelly and I had fun baking in our dresses a little bit at the end (pigs in a blankets really doesn't involve much) and then dancing our little tails off.

Eric showed up around 9ish. He looked absolutely handsome :) Shelly and Britt really like him. He's just very laidback and easygoing. Britt said she was surprised at how short he is (my height) and then Shelly said she was really surprised how goodlooking he is (!) but they both really enjoyed his company.

Eric and I ended up staying up until 4am, cuddling and talking. We kissed!! Just a couple innocent kisses but enough to make my heart flutter in a way it hasn't ever fluttered before. We both talked about just enjoying being together and how much of a shock it is but how comfortable we are with everything that's going on.

I can't wait to see him again :)

I downed a bottle-and-a-half of Boone's farm and then a couple glasses of whiskey & sprite.....I'm a little tired today. Not hungover, just a little tired. But it was an amazing night :)

smokin hot hostess'

eric and i


A Lady Called Amy said...

Have a great time chica! If I had the money for gas I'd be there. ;-)

René Tate said...

Nicole, you are such a BABE! I love this dress! And you and Eric are absolutely stunning together. Love it, love it, love it!