Saturday, May 23, 2009

Adoration :)

Eric and I went out to dinner and then a movie tonight :)

Watched Terminator Salvation....which honestly I walked out of loving despite the fact that I just thought I would enjoy it. Really good movie, glad Eric "dragged" me to it though at one point I jumped pretty damn bad at an unexpected

We then went back and had a very sweet old-fashioned kissing session :)

I proceeded to also admit to him that I am starting to fall in love with him. He smiled and answered by asking me to be with him :D I can't even describe how my heart feels right now. Very excited and very fluttery to say the least!!

I always thoroughly enjoy my time with him and find myself craving more. Not because I need it but because it's nice, it's comfortable and it's something I would like. I really enjoy my time spent with him, I enjoy his company, I enjoy his laugh and car sounds, I enjoy his enthusiasm, I love how he just goes with life, and I enjoy that I'm so comfortable and able to be myself around him.

Anywho, I should probably get to bed as I have to wake up early for Kevo's graduation in the morning!!! Just got in and HAD to blog :)

Oh Eric Aragon.....

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