Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Friendship Tattoos

I am SO happy for Shelly :)

Living together with her, I started to feel bad. Britt is in a two-year relationship with Eamonn and then I had been in a relationship and was dating but there was Shelly, who is seriously a MAJOR catch, and she hasn't been dating for almost a year and a half.

After hearing about all my craziness and going through everything that I have gone through, Shelly was excited for me when Eric and I started talking. Not to mention she was the first person I told!!

Well now she is dating this guy Matt and she's falling in love with him and I couldn't be happier. It makes my heart SO joyous that as I'm falling in love with Eric, my best friend is also falling in love :) I want the world and all the happiness in the world for those I care about and I love to see Shelly happy, I love to see others have love and adoration and companionship in their life. And now Shelly is on the beginnings of that journey!!

And even more exciting is that as completely unplanned as it is for both of us, we are going down that road at the same time.

Can I just say falling in love is scaring the shit out of me though?!?! Not in a bad way....in a good way....if that's possible. It's brand new territory. I don't know how to handle it. I don't think Shelly does either after texting back and forth. I like this crazy new feeling. It's a good thing....but holy moly I wasn't expecting it and wasn't ready for it!!

Shelly and I are also talking about getting friendship tattoos :) We aren't quite sure what we're getting yet....something about following your heart....We were also thinking one of us having a lock, the other a key with it.....and now I'm wondering about the infinite symbol...I've always liked it :) We'll see what happens though!!

Anywho, we won't be able to get them for awhile as we need $$$ for that sort of thing, and I'm currently jobless....but sometime this summer we'll be getting them!!!

Anywho, I'm uploading pics on facebook and it's taking me forever!!! I get to play with Tyce today....he finally knows who I am and my name :) I'm his nikkie :) He's so cute, but a great form of birth control!! lol

Alright, I'm off to work some more on pics and playing with Tycers :)

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