Friday, May 08, 2009


So I'm spending time I should be spending studying looking at roadbikes because I am missing my roadbike SOOOO much!!!

I went down to Denver yesterday to get my parents Durango so I could move my dresser home for my brother who just moved back home. I also had to fill my birth control perscription so I texted Eric and let him know I was in the general vicinity :)

We went and studied at this cute little coffee shop in Denver called The Market. It's down by the 16th Street Mall area. Oh I loved it!!! You can sit out and people watch and enjoy the beautiful weather and I got to spend time with Eric and yes, I actually DID study!!!

We then went back and grabbed the bikes to go bike riding. He and his brother have a couple of fixed gears and we took this little path that runs by his apartments and goes all over. OH HOW IT MADE ME MISS MY BIKE EVEN MORE!!!

I rode my mountain bike the other day for the first time and it was ok but honestly it sucked. I was always told that after riding roadbikes I'd never want to go back to mountain bikes. Very true, not to mention that mine really actually sucks. The brakes drag on the tire, the seat is jammed down making it hard to ride, and it's just NOT a roadbike. It's hard to explain but I don't like it!! So I'm looking at roadbikes. I have a couple appts set up so that I can go look at them. I'm hoping to make the purchase here soon. Two of them are asking $200 which is not bad at all!!! And one is asking $325, which is a little pricey but still not bad. I'm also going to go check out Recycled Cycles after class today and see what they have.

Eric has me all sorts of excited!!! It was first just so great to get out and ride for the first time in such a long time. But it was great to get out and ride with HIM!!! I've never had a guy I like or boyfriend do that sort of thing with me. We've talked about going to Waterworld, biking, boating, and all sorts of other activities....and he loves doing things!!! Oh I can't even tell you how much I love that!!!

He is such a sweetie too!! He helped me to fix up a picture yesterday of my brother Kevan swimming that I want to have printed for him. He literally spent a half hour working on this photo for me just because I simply asked him. Like really?!?! Really?!?! How has this sweet active amazing man been right in front of me for years and I didn't ever talk to him!!

Ok anyway, I'm going back to drooling over roadbikes!!!

Eric and I are meeting up again on Saturday as I'll be in Denver again and we're going to go ride bikes again :) Oh that boy makes me smile like none other...SOO Excited....both for the bike and hanging out with him again!!!


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