Tuesday, May 12, 2009

More Moments

I wish I could capture these moments with a Kodak camera. They will be the memories that will fade but I want to cling to. This year has been full of them, cherished and loved I want to save them.

This is the last week of us three living together. Britt is studying, I'm semi-studying and packing, Shelly is cleaning. There is music playing, lots of random side conversations and laughs to be had. Doesn't sound like much but I love it.

Shelly and I make a late night run to King Soopers for ice cream. When we come back we are joined by Eamonn and his dog Lokie. Tinks lays in my window perpetually staring at the outside world. A moth flies around my room. Two bikes lean against the wall after having had one stolen I'm not willing to take any more risks than possible with them. A couple half-paked boxes/bags lay around my room, a pile of hangers in one corner. Boxes are spread through our house and laundry is in baskets and drying on the back of kitchen chairs.

It's hard to explain but this has become my home. This is where I'm comfortable, where I can be myself, where I am free and open and genuine. Where we live in support and synergy of each other, supporting and challenging each other, holding each other accountable but responsible for our own selves. A place free of judgment, full of diversity, and open to all who need a place to come. There are no deadlines, no expectations, simply living together. There is no need for sophistication and things to look excellent, we simply live as this is our home.

Shelly and I have agreed, moving back with our parents will not be our home. It's where we will stay but it's not home. This has become our home, and it's SO hard to leave. It's the first home I've had where I've really felt as at-home as I do.

I want to capture this moment, this energy, this feeling, this genuinity, this free atmosphere. Unfortunately no kodak picture could ever capture all of that and express it unto others. But I will capture it here in this blog, trying through my words to capture a memory that will fade but I want to hold dear.

These are the moments I will miss most when I move back to Brighton. I will miss my home, I will miss my "family", and I will miss all that comes with it.

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