Monday, May 25, 2009

Roadtrip Time

Shelly and I officially cleaned and moved out of our home today. Of course it was hard but I think doing it together and packing all the last of our stuff into every small inch of Shelly's tiny car made it that much easier. Its still very hard though :( We were able to make it without crying though!!! Go us!!

Tonight we are at Tori's house in Sterling. Tomorrow we embark on Tori, Marci, Shelly & Nicole's Grand Adventure!!

We are traveling down to La Junta to visit Bent's Fort tomorrow and spending the night at a bed & breakfast in Rocky Ford. It serves a teacher educational experience as well as Marci showing Tori where she grew up in that area. Shelly and I basically just invited ourselves on this little trip :) Then wednesday will be spent in Colorado Springs at the Broadmoor and visiting the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo!!! Shelly and I were seriously just talking about how we needed to go there!! Then thursday we travel back to Sterling then back home. Oh picture heaven, here I come. Roadtrips always allow great photo opportunities!!!

I got to spend yesterday with Eric and then also spent the night with him. We are officially in a relationship! :) I find myself so VERY happy being with him. I have a constant smile on my face and giddiness around him but also a very wonderful comfort. I really just being with him and adventuring around. Or like yesterday we spent the afternoon cuddling due to crappy rain. Either way its great :)

I find myself falling in love with him very fast....I'm trying to slow it down. Last thing I need is to freak him out. But I can't help it. My brain says slow down, but I live my life by my heart, and its telling me to just allow myself to fall. All in good time :) I'm already falling in love with him, at whatever speed I allow myself to. And I couldn't be happier or more afraid in my life. Everyone has responded to him positively, which is a first and thrilling for me. Shelly has a "special feeling" about him which I do too and only admit to her. But its also very scary. This is the first time I've fallen in love, the first time I've been so very comfortable around a guy, and its new territory. But I like it!

Ok well I have so much more I need to get out but I'm doing this from my phone and we have some grand adventures to wake up early for tomorrow :) Watch out Colorado, four strong fun woman are out to travel you by storm!!!

good night and happy travels!!!

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