Friday, May 22, 2009

First Date

Eric and I are going on our first official "date" tonight :) He makes my heart SO excited all the time!!!

On other news I finished Operation Slideshow...I had to make a slideshow for my brother's graduation party only took me days...but I got it finished. Call me Bond, James Bond.

Kevan graduates tomorrow...from high school. Let me repeat this, my littler brother graduates tomorrow from high school. W-O-W!! I feel SO old right now!! More old than when I graduated a couple days ago. I still imagine him and his friends running around, shorter than me....not as young men graduating high school and running off to college and sex, drugs & rock n' roll. Just not how I still imagine my brothers. I guess my mind still lives in the past sometimes with them. But it is really cool getting to watch them take flight.

My wish for them is that this life becomes all that they want it to, that their dreams stay big and their worries stay small, and they never carry more than they can hold. And while they are out there I hope they know that someone loves them :) Just like the song says. I hope they know that I will always be one of their biggest cheerleaders in life, supporting and cheering them on as they race towards their dreams...I just hope I scream loud enough for them to know that I'm always there for them! ;)

Alright, well I need to go mosey on up to the shower and find some smokin outfit to wear!! Ok yeah right, I don't own any smokin outfits but we'll see what I can drudge up for this date :)

Bon nuit

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