Thursday, April 30, 2009

Absolutely Ridiculously Obnoxious Underwear

Shelly and I had a little shopping excursion today that was probably the sweetest shopping trip ever.

We went to Forever 21 after we got done with class at noon. I found an absolutely adorable little black dress to wear for our fancy party. The best part is that it's strapless. Mark your calendars lady and gentlemen....this is a historic event :) I'm super looking forward to it but also super nervous. Is the thing going to stay up with my unusually small boobs?! Granted now I have sticky boobs (one of those stick-on bras) so that helps out matters tremendously!! Pictures will be up later this weekend after the party :)

Then we headed over to JCPenney's for Shelly to try to find a dress for graduation. We also wanted to mosy along and look at the hats (which they didn't have) as we both want to wear big ridiculous hats for our fancy party. No such luck for that thus far. Anyway, we got distracted by trying to find adorable underwear for the 2nd Annual Underwear Run here at CSU. This event was started last year to protest the early morning finals. Shelly and myself want to go out with a bang and do something people normally wouldn't see us doing. We want to create memories, fun memories :) This also includes buying more covering underwear.

So we get distracted trying to find cheap, cute, covering underwear. What we found was ridiculous bright covering underwear :) Both our underwear are neon orange/purple/yellow/pink/blue plaid. Mine is traced with neon orange and purple siding. Shelly's is traced with frilly lacy neon green siding. Shelly is wearing a bright pink bra. My bra is bright orange/green/purple with neon orange fish!! Like I said, absolutely ridiculously obnoxious underwear....and I personally am SO excited to wear them!!!

We are doing this run next friday night at 10pm. We are going to drink with some friends beforehand as anything involving running almost naked in front of hundreds of people is going to involve some alcohol consumption ahead of time!

Anywho, a very emotionally healthy rewarding day for both of us I must say :) That's what happens when you spend the day with your roomie that you love to be around shopping for the most ridiculous underwear imagineable!!


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