Saturday, April 04, 2009


So I thought a good way of trying to figure out my life in the upcoming months is stating a few goals of things I would like to get done:

1. Lose a few pounds and start eating healthier again. I have let my weight go by the way-side. I'm not normally one of those people to obsess over my weight. But when I can't wear my jeans anymore, I know it's time to change my eating and exercising habits. I would also like to look good in a swimsuit this year as I fully intend on buying one. I don't own one right now but it's one of my oogle items.

2. Finish Kevan's scrapbook (this is a must). He graduates the week after me. It has to be done. I know I'll have more time at the end of the semester but for now it's on hold until I have more pictures and time. I'm also looking for an actual scrapbook cover that fits his style.

3. Start building up my photo portfolio. It's funny how I spend hours right now finishing my worthless senior portfolio and all the while all I can think is ways to start my photo portfolio.

4. Take a drive through Estes on a clear spring day :)

5. Downsize the amount of stuff i own....I feel like sometimes I just have too much clutter in my life.

6. Start working towards getting a job through Dan at University or the VA....hopefully in the NICU....crossing my fingers on this one.

7. Get a rough draft of a killer essay for my nursing school application.

8. Enjoy a few girls nights out.

9. Get the nerve to express certain feelings I have towards a few people.

I know those are random and very short-term but that's really all I can focus on right now, given the circumstances. And they are all sort of random.

Anywho, I need to work on a little bit more homework....ugh to homework. I really should just keep up on it as I go along but no, I'd rather ignore it until last minute...hahaha.

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