Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Well today is the day of military ball invitations....

I will be Cord's date to his unit's annual dinner/ball. He's in the National Guard Reserves. Considering he's one of my best friends and brought me ice cream saturday night when I didn't feel like going out while I was in Brighton, it would be an asshole move of me to say no.

I will also be Joe's date to the AFROTC dinner/ball next friday night. Joe and I are in APO together.

I have to find a dress and some flats that go with that dress for each ball....because in all honesty, neither one is very tall, especially Joe as he is the same height as me and I want to be sensitive to that.

I am going to hang out with Eric tomorrow :) I'm excited about that. Excited to get to know him better. I have to go back down to Brighton to take some stuff to Kevan and downtown Denver is simply 20 minutes farther down the road. It also sounds like he's coming up Saturday for a friend's birthday. So maybe we'll get to hang out then too :)

All these balls....that means I ACTUALLY have to find and wear a This will be a first in five years....mark your calendars, it doesn't happen often.

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