Monday, April 13, 2009

Throwing Up Is No Fun

I always love the mornings where you wake up, you're feeling great, your hair cooperates(!), you look darn smokin, the weather is beautiful, you're ready to take on the world.....and a few hours later you are trying desperately to make it home without passing out and find yourself puking in other people's yards on your way home.


I have no idea what happened or why?! I don't have food poisoning, I don't have a cold, I didn't feel bad this morning....and I wind up almost passing out in a class. I thought it might be because my blood sugar felt sort of like that. Like how when you don't eat breakfast and get really hungry and shaky and can't concentrate until you give your body some glucose. Only it was worse...this horrible nauseousness came with it and my muscles felt like someone had hit me with a crowbar.

I ate a few plums thinking blood sugar....but alas that wasn't it. I felt bad in my next class, left after only 15 minutes, caught the bus, and ended up throwing up walking from the bus stop to home three times and then a fourth when I got inside.

The sad thing was all I could think while I'm actively puking is "what a waste of $3 worth of plums....sad day"......

I DID get to take an incredibly nap though. Apparently I was out to the world. I didn't hear the phone alarm go off (which was right by my head on my bed) nor Shelly when she came in screaming my name (as I left the front door standing wide open which she isn't used to coming home to). I slept for four hours....I'm still exhausted and am gonna go to bed early but it felt nice.

Too bad I had to waste such an incredibly beautiful day....and my hair cooperating and looking great for once!!

Anywho, I have a make-up exam on friday that I'm pretty nervous for. I have five A's and two C's....this class would be one of those C's....but apparently everyone else is doing bad in the two classes I have the C's in....and apparently I'm doing a lot better than most. So that's good right?! Maybe for once we'll get some curves going at the end of the semester....hmmm.

Alright, I am going to try and stomach some saltines....hopefully I'm not worshipping the porcelain god in the next few hours....waste of plums I'm telling ya....

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