Sunday, April 19, 2009

Adysen Rae & Overall Goodness

I got to meet the newest member of my family today :)

Her name is Adysen Rae and she was born April 1st.....she's ABSOLUTELY adorable!!! I will post pics soon.

It was great to see family too :) I love spending time with my family and extended cousins and loving/hugging/tickling/kissing them!!! I just love family. That's all there is to it!!!

I have a dress for my military balls. I decided to wear my black dress with gold embroidery from sophomore year homecoming (yes sophomore year of high school). Oddly enough my boobs shrank from the last time I wore it....but it fits just as well otherwise. I'm going to try to find some pasty boobs to fill it out a little more. But I do have one for the ball on friday!!

I didn't get to hang out with Eric yesterday due to the weather....BUT I think we will get to hang out this next weekend. We both really do enjoy each other's company. This sounds weird but I really would like to go out to the driving range with him and hit some golf balls or go tubing or something fun and active....just to get to know each other that way.

We are having our semi-annual fancy party again this semester!!! Britt and Shelly have bright red dresses to wear.....which means I need to find a cheap bright dress to wear....I can't be the 3rd hostess in a boring black dress!!! lol And I would LOVE to find a huge ridiculous Kentucky-derby style hat to wear with it....just for shits and giggles!!

Shelly and I had a tremendously rewarding day yesterday!!! We spent the morning at the gym (Shelly doing yoga and me doing the elliptical/weights) for an hour-and-a-half and then we went and got some much needed grocery necessities (milk, bread, eggs). We came home, napped, got showers, made some lunch, went and got some food for dinner (we got the ingredients to make eggplant and chicken parmesan!) and then made dinner, watched classis disney cinderella and started a 1000-piece puzzle. There was LOTS of laughter and love to be had :)

This week is my senior presentation of my poster. Aye yi yi. I think we'll be good...once I apply myself and get the last of it done.

Ok I would write more but I'm off to eat some of Shelly's excellent meatloaf and study for my exam tomorrow.

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