Thursday, April 09, 2009

Eat Food, Mostly Plants, Not Too Much

So one thing I have realized with my major.....I really find it a pain in the ass with all the contradictory messages out there when nutrition is really quite simple. As is being fit. The only thing we fight is the ridiculous food industry and it's grip on global society.

Here is my philosophy that I'm trying to implement as much as possible (budget plays a huge role right now in my food selections):

Eat real food, mostly fruits and vegetables, eat local, organic when possible, and savor your red wine and dark chocolate.

Burn as many calories as that of which go in my mouth. When I want to lose weight, simply burn more calories. This doesn't mean not eating, this means maintaining energy balance. Simple as that. Physical activity is easy to incorporate into to work if possible (yes this might mean getting up ten minutes earlier), get outside and do garden work, clean your house, have a raunchy night of sex with your significant other, park farther from the stores.

With that, sometimes it's easier said than done....I more than anyone know this...especially eating on a budget. But eat when you are really hungry (learn to listen to your body), stop when you BEGIN to feel full, stay active, and if you can't meet all these goals it's ok.

When I can afford it, my goal is to start eating according to the Mediterranean diet. It's basically lots of fruits, veggies, complex carbs, legumes, nuts, fish, with smaller amounts of dairy and sparing sweets/red meats. Enjoy a glass of red wine at lunch and dinner. It's the foremost protective lifestyle change to CVD, Alzheimer's and overall living healthy. (Incorporating physical activity is a must though).

Let's get back to eating from the earth and eating REAL food....and using our bodies!! They weren't meant to sit all day.....get up, get active, enjoy your natural foods, savor the taste, and feel better about yourself!!!

On my to-read list: In Defense of Food

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Bri said...

Totally agree! One of my biggest pet peeves is diets and counting calories and all that crap to confuse people. I read that book; it's pretty good.