Friday, April 03, 2009

McCook vs Otero

Well last weekend I posted that I went to McCook and got to play with my new camera and my new telephoto lens. I am LEARNING....these are not meant to be "expert" pictures, I literally just played...and therefore took over 500 pictures for the two innings Marsh pitched and then the five times he was at bat. A few from the night in the dorms (too much fun!) and then some of Austin and Evan pitching. I compiled a few here for you all to see :)

The field at McCook Community College in Nebraska....Home of the Indians

Marshall's feet while warming up

Marshall up at bat

Getting a hit

Marsh in the dorms

Evan....cuddle buddy

"Oh god Dan, they have Schlitz!"

Marshall at the mound

Taking a moment

A pitch

Evan pitching

Austin pitching

If you want to see A LOT more of the pics I took, simply go to facebook :)

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