Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Happy Earth Day everybody :) I wish I could be outside celebrating the earth but no I'm stuck inside all day in class or at what the h-e-double hockey sticks?!?!? However I did get to pet the cows and sheep outside on my way to class!!

Anywho, it's absolutely gorgeous outside, great music has been playing in the plaza all day and we get to listen to it being right inside the doorway. It's been a great day other than being stuck inside :)

Here at the IBOX we house the campus-wide lost and found....we get some pretty random stuff sometimes. Seriously, really random....rearview mirrors, tripod parts, longboards, lunch boxes, lipstick, hello kitty shoes, etc.

This was the newest random addition to our lost and found collection.....not JUST a license plate....but a license plate still attached to part of the car it was on....

Gretchen and Ali modeling the fabulous license plate

Ok, one more class and then I'm home free for the day....too bad it's 4pm at that point....and I've missed some of the best parts of the warm amazing day. Oh how I love spring time!!! :)

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