Saturday, April 11, 2009

Coming Back

This weekend I'm spending in Brighton for the holiday with my family but I spent today meeting with a couple friends and catching up.

It's been surreal the last couple months as people from Brighton/high school are starting to pop up again in my life. But it's also been nice reconnecting with old friends, getting to know those who didn't necessarily talk to me much in high school.

Coming back isn't always the greatest thing....for one I'm REALLY not a fan of Brighton. I'm absolutely in love with fort collins, it's community, and all it has to offer. Brighton is lacking in SO MUCH compared to FoCo.

However, re-establishing or igniting relationships is always exciting!!!

I had coffe this morning with my aunt, cousin and nephew. Playing with Tyce was fun :) Other than once again people think he's my He's such a cute and intelligent little boy. I'm trying to teach him how to say Nic. We're getting there.

Then I had lunch with Crystal :) Catching up with a friend I've had for going on nine years now. It's great having someone who knows you.

And then I met up to have coffee (again) with Eric. We went to high school and graduated together but oddly enough we never once talked to each other. We actually have a lot in common after talking. But he was outrageously shy in high school and I mostly stuck to those I knew really well. He's VERY nice, has a great smile and a very laidback, optimistic personality as I can tell so far so that's been a plus.

It was sort of crazy. He added me on myspace a few months ago out of the blue and I was surprised as I honestly thought he didn't know who I was and had mistaken me for someone else. After a few weeks he hadn't said hi or commented me so I sent a comment saying hi. We started talking and today we met up for the first time!!

I can't wait to get to know him better.

As far as I can tell, coming back is going to have it's in Brighton vs FoCo atmosphere. But it's going to have it's ups. A bunch of friends are coming back for the summer, friendships are blossoming, and I have several really great projects and opportunities ahead of me.

God works in mysterious ways always :)

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