Tuesday, April 07, 2009


I just wanted to say that I'm in an ABSOLUTELY great and joyous mood :)

Shelly and I had a great workout today, my hair looks cute and is cooperating, I was able to get a pair of jeans on today :D and the weather outside is just amazingly beautiful!!!

It's making it extremely hard for me to bring myself to go finish spending the rest of the afternoon inside listening to senior seminar :( I think I might skip the lecture part and just go to work with my group on the poster part and finish enjoying some more of the afternoon.

I must also say I'm very much enjoying laying outside listening to music and just being....I know that sounds kind of funky but I am thoroughly enjoying it. I also love rocking out....no matter what....I'm addicted to listening to music right now again....mainly Breaking Benjamin, Bullet for My Valentine, Chevelle, Framing Hanley, Anberlin, Forever The Sickest Kids, The Offspring, Sick Puppies, Decypher Grey, and Egypt Central.....

Currently loving and listening to: "Hearts Burst Into Fire" By Bullet for My Valentine :) Great song....don't listen to the lyrics, just feel the music....lyrics are sort of melodramatic but it's such a get up and feel good beat :)

What I want to tell my teacher: 'Dance Fucker Dance" hahahaha it's a lyric from "You're Gonna Go Far, Kid" by The Offspring :)

Alright, contemplating going to class or sitting outside again for awhile....oh either way I'm leaving this laptop :)


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