Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Winding Down

The end of the semester is almost finally upon us. I'm getting nervous as always a lot of my grades ride the line....the difference this year is my motivation and drive to really work hard at the end is really just not there. So I'm trying to keep my act up until the very end but we'll see how it goes.

I finished almost all of the ends of my busy work tonight. The only things I have left are an online discussion, moving all of my portfolio to a cd to hand in, and turning in the last two assignments on friday.

After that it's just study study study!!! I plan on studying a little each night next week so that way I'm not cramming, I can't afford to do that this semester, I need to get some good grades!!

Ok, on to more exciting things....fancy party in T minus three days :) I have decided that I'm going to bake homemade chocolate chip cookies, buy a cheap bottle of Boone's Farm and try to find a cute dress tomorrow :) Shelly and I are going shopping before heading to my brother's swim meet. I really need to find a cute dress. Eric and all his shennanigans about him (not) telling me what he's going to wear but saying that he's going all out has me a little antsy.

It also has me a little kicking my ass.....there was this absolutely adorable cocktail dress I found at Forever 21 in October that fit me perfect and was cheap and would have been a killer dress to wear on sunday....but did I buy it?! Of course not because I don't wear or buy dresses. Kicking my ass right now!!! Oh well, hopefully I find a cute inexpensive one tomorrow when we go :)

I would sit and update a little more but I need to get home and finish homework and get some food :)

Oh and it was a beautiful day outside today.....HOLLA!!!

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