Friday, April 17, 2009


Eric and I got to hang out yesterday afternoon :)

It's ridiculous how easy and how comfortable we can sit and laugh and talk to each other. We literally spent four hours just talking and talking at his place yesterday. Random stories. Lots of laughing!

I find myself really looking forward to every time we get to hang out now. I'm currently hoping that the weather gets better as he was going to be coming up to Fort Collins this weekend for a friends birthday.

He told me it was a big excuse to come hang out with me again!

While I'm really excited, if it's something that leads to dating, I really don't want to jump into something too quick....I find myself so very much interested in him and so excited at how we are connecting that I don't want to jump into anything too quick. I want to take time and really get to know each other :) It's really exciting though.

Shelly even commented on how she can tell that I legitimately like him and how she gets a good vibe just on how I talk about him and how things are developing between us (anyone following this knows the last seven months have been completely crazy on my part).

Anywho, we all know I like pictures so being the stalker I am, I thought I'd post a pic to show you who Eric is :)

But that's all I'm going to say and show of him now....I don't want to ruin a good thing...but I have a feeling you will all be hearing more about him as time goes by :)

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