Wednesday, December 31, 2008



That has been on my brain lately. I think that's a word that is ever lacking in our society....and when I see it, often I see it in a not-so-great light.

I am a VERY passionate person. I love life and love others to an extent that I literally feel as though my soul could just burst out of my body at any moment!! I can sit and admire a piece of art for hours, because it just moves me. A sports event can absolutely consume my life, to the point where others tell me "jeez it's just a game" because at that moment, the passion I have is too much.

I don't think most people understand this but I honestly love my friends. I love them! I love people. I love meeting new people. I love interacting with others, getting to know them. I love getting to know their imperfections, what makes them tick, what their opinions are, what pushes their buttons, what that one thing is in life that no matter what annoys them, what that one thing in life is that NO MATTER WHAT makes them smile (if even on the inside).

I have found one reason I love blogging so much is because I so pasisonately LOVE to follow the lives of others. I am a crappy friend sometimes. I am....really. I can't offer words to comfort someone to save my life. If you need a hug or a someone to hold your hand or give you a shoulder to cry on, I'm totally there. You need someone to offer you words of, not something I'm great at. I almost never answer my phone...not because I don't want to talk to people, but because I HATE talking on the phone. What kind of friend does that?! And let's admit it, I'm so busy I often neglect myself, so I know I can neglect others too. But I LOVE following the lives of my friends. I love to hear their thoughts, to "watch" their lives unfold, to hear their own passions and dreams. To anyone who reads this, I want to follow your life!! I love watching you blossom :)

But passion, in our society, is lacking. And it makes me sad. I feel so alive when I let my passions take over, when I let myself be passionate, about whatever it is I choose to be passionate about. It makes me happy, it makes me feel alive!! And when I see people being passionate about the wrong things, that just makes me sad :(

Be passionate about your family, about your God, about God's beautiful BEAUTIFUL creation. Feel the passion of the sun's kisses on your cheek in the spring, when the cherry blossoms are blooming and trees coming to life. Be passionate about that one hobby you have that makes you happy and benefits others. Be passionate about making others happy. Be passionate about interacting with others. Don't be passionate about making the most amount of money you can, especially at others expenses. Don't be passionate about your self-indulgent alcohol binges. Don't be passionate about something that isn't life fulfilling (which I guess can be left up to subjective opinion). Be passionate about this life, about what's around you, about others!! It's the best way to live, the best feeling in the world.

"Those who control their passions do so because their passions are weak enough to be controlled."
[William Blake]

Let yourself be passionate, let your passion take you places!!! It's amazing what it can achieve :)