Saturday, December 27, 2008


This holiday has been a lot better than Thanksgiving. I didn't get to go to Portland to visit Alyssa :( It was a combo between flights being booked and flights being cancelled to/from Portland due to all the snow they got there.

But I made do with getting to spend more time with my family. Just hanging out and having fun.

I took my brothers to go see Seven Pounds. For Christmas last year I gave them Christmas cards with an "I-owe-you dinner and a movie" type note inside each one and they decided to redeem them before the holidays. Hahaha. That movie is now one of my favorites. We all cried....and I do mean all of us. All three brothers and me were bawling....I think me so more than my brothers. But just the day before I had been bawling my eyes out watching Extreme Home Makeover so yeah. :) But the movie is about the ultimate sacrifice. Sacrificing one's life for those that you care about. You should go watch it.

My brothers are growing. We are all growing. Into our own individual selves. It's very cool to watch but makes me nostalgic for the past. I want to keep them my own brothers but I know it's not reality. When I think of them, a lot of times I think of them how they were. But it's beautiful to watch us all blossom. To sit around a table and have conversations about our likes/dislikes and what makes us who we are is amazing. The "sex" conversation is weird only from the aspect that it's weird to think we're all adults. But to have the "sex" conversation shows that we are all growing up and into our own. Just really cool to be able to acknowledge us as individuals but still have the sibling bond.

Christmas isn't what it normally was. I'm used to my grandparents, aunt/uncle/cousins and our family all being together for Christmas Eve and Christmas. My grandparents are in West Virginnie, family feuding kept my aunt/uncle/cousins away. My mom's brother Tim and his girlfriend came out and my mom's mom lives with us. Just wasn't what I was used to. We're not close to mom's side of the family in the slightest but you make due with the family you have.

Tim brought some of the best damn deer sausage I've ever had. He apparently got two deer on a hunting trip and brought back some sausage for us. Yum :) We had a pretty good rib, asparagus, corn, baked potatoes, and salad. Then we also had dessert. BTS cake, hawaiian tort and chocolate pie. Not the norm but good :)

I've found I'm bored when I'm not going and doing something and being adventurous. And I'm more tired than normal. I'm sleeping in copious amounts...and not sure what to make of it. It's good to catch up on sleep but seriously, I need to get out and do something! I'm trying to track down my snowboarding pants. I got my coat for Christmas and some pretty decent gloves. So now just to find my pants and rent a board/boots and hit the mountain!! Or rent some snowshoes and go snowshoein with Alyssa :)

Alright well here's a few pics from Christmas....enjoy. More updates to come later once I'm not falling asleep.

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Bri said...

Glad you had a good Christmas. :) I wish I could go snowboarding with you!! I miss it -- it's been a few years since I've gone. And obviously I can't this year, haha. We should catch up. Send me an email or something k?