Monday, December 15, 2008

Totally the Season for Finals

It's FRIGID outside. Walking five minutes to my car turned me into a human popsicle to the max!!! Luckily I'm back inside now warming up and successfully procrastinating homework. Isn't that what we do best though as college students?!?! Hahahaha I really should be doing some hardcore studying right now but I spent three hours at Kell bell's house studying exercise testing instrumentation that now I really just don't want to do anymore.

So I'm looking up housing and jobs in Denver for when I move back that way this summer. Oh my gosh, stress level just increased by a TON!!! I need a much better job and I totally need to get into nursing school and get it done so I can be making the big bucks!!!

Ok I'm going to keep being productive....whether it's studying or nursing school related.

Here's a pic of my ridiculously rad socks that are keeping my toes warm at the moment....don't be jealous ;)

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