Thursday, December 04, 2008



Bobby spilled the beans.....all over the place!!!!!

I guess you'd have to be here to appreciate it.

I am quite proud of myself. My ETI project was finished last night, we finished the presentation today and will present next Thursday. I finished my Life Cycle paper and presentation and we present tomorrow morning.

I am finishing my Community Nutr paper tonight and it will be handed in on Tuesday.

I finished my renal case study for MNT and turn it in tomorrow. Now all I have left is to do the Parkinson's with Dysphagia case study and present that next Tuesday. Almost done, everything is almost done!!

Then finals. And this semester will be over :) But agh, not looking forward to studying for them. I AM looking forward to selling back my books and getting some major moolah for them :) I didn't even use them, not one, not at all, this semester. Biggest waste of $$$. They better be worth beaucoup bucks.

Oh and one more employee evaluation tomorrow. Things are GETTING DONE!!!

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