Saturday, December 13, 2008

Recycle and Ride Your Bicycle

Today we had to clean our apartment in a frenzy as our landlord was showing our apartment to some promising tennants for next year. In the midst of that we are avid recyclers around here....ok let me rephrase that. I'm a huge recycler who has motivated Shel and Britt to do so, mainly because it's easy to pile it up but I will actually take it to be recycled.

So needless to say with our busy schedules, I have let the recycling pile up on the wayside. I HAD to take it today. No choice, as it was but a moutain taking over our kitchen. Here is the extent of our recycling, it fille up my entire backseat. I do this monthly by the way!!

I haven't been riding my bike recently due to the frigid weather in the mornings but plan to start again as soon as I get my mountain bike back up to Fort Collins. I don't think riding my road bike would be the most safe thing ever as there is not much traction between the ice/snow and tire. But we are also into cycling or riding the bus rather than riding solo in our cars if at all possible. Also we're too poor to waste more gas than needed.

I'd encourage you all to conserve all energy and goods as much as possible. Recycle, reuse, renew. Carpool. Ride your bike. Conserve your heat, water and gas.

Which reminds me, we are also trying this new saving water technique. It's interesting. I'm also trying to only shower every other day. We'll see how that works out. Call me a hippie if you want. Hahahaha

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A Lady Called Amy said...

YAY for conservation!!! Way to go Nicole!!

I was big on recycling in CA, but I don't know where to bring my stuff in Salina. I need to look it up. I seriously get naseous when I have to throw away something that I know can be recycled. :-S

Hope your weekends been going well!