Thursday, January 01, 2009

2008 looking forward to 2009

Well here is today.....1/1/09. I'm looking back at the last year and it's been a whirlwind of activity.

January....started off the New Year with family and Scott, started a hell semester of living with my ex roommates, worked all break at the info desk getting close to an electrician named Ray and a financial lady named Robin.

February....spent the first half of the month adjusting to classes, spent Valentine's day alone before flying for a weekend with Scott in which I honestly can't remember what happened (that seems to be a theme with my life right now), worked and had to dump a trash can in the middle of the kitchen being "that crazy girl" due to my psychotic judgmental roommates.

March....celebrated St. Patrick's Day being proud of being Irish, spent spring break in Cali with Scott where I burnt the crap out of my legs on the beach (lobster legs) and we went to Balboa park (one of my favs), came back to school where I really didn't want to be.

April....just basically worked and went to school....not too much excitement. Got cussed out by family for being late to my dad's birthday, celebrated Reece's 12th birthday, dealt with more annoying roommate issues, started looking for a place to move into at the end of July.

May....finished up the semester with a pretty decent GPA (overall GPA of 3.74), became overjoyed at the prospect of Scott coming home and my roommates not being at home very much, signed a lease to move in with Britt and Shel in August, spent more time in Cali during weekends, started a "new" job being bumped up to Personnel Manager at the IBOX.

June....worked, started summer school with Alyssa and Jen in which we bonded over Biochem and Algebra (ick), spent a couple weekends in Cali, spent lots of time riding my bike.

July....roadtripped home with Scott stopping at the Hoover Dam and other various things, moved him back into his mom's house, continued with boring summer school (at this point starting to utterly bomb Biochem), moved out at the end of the month!!!, and worked.

August....turned the big 2-1 celebrating by studying all night for an algebra final with Jenn but greeted with a card from Alyssa, celebrated a week later with my fam, got an A in algebra and a C in Biochem (effectively bringing down my GPA drastically to 3.59), moved into my new place cleaning the carpets and being bored out of my mind until Britt and Shel moved in later, started this semester. Glad to be out of a place with psychotic roommates. Trained new employees., school, Tinks got out and we got her out of a tree, Tinks ran away again, broke up with Scott, had a cool masquerade ball, got the most tipsy I've ever been, made great friends with Kell bell, hired and trained more employees, started to really love scarves, wore out my flip-flops.

October....basked in the warm weather, had an interesting month being single and lonely but still not knowing what I felt for Scott, rekindled our friendship, became closer with Britt and Shel, stopped riding my bike to school when it started to get really close to cold weather. Finally celebrated my birthday by going out on the town with friends.

November....Scott and I were still friends, hanging out a lot, went to an opera together, cuddled. School and work like usual. Started becoming a little more wild. Ruined Thanksgiving when I announced living plans for the summer and started a nice family fued that's still going on. Met a guy named Vrbas. Got drunk for the first time, bought a killer dress.

December....Scott no longer talks to me or wants to be friends. Stayed the night over at Vrbas' place several times, discovered sex is one of my newest favorite topics. Discovered I love whiskey, don't like going to my home church, slept with Vrbas (still not sure what's going on with him), made two new great friends that I'm looking forward to knowing, took finals that kicked my ass, laughed tons with Alyssa, went to the Nutcracker Ballet, spent a weird Christmas still in the midst of family feuding, work.

Basically in November and December I started the journey of really discovering myself and leaving inhibitions to the wind. I've gotten drunk, had sex (with one guy), figured out lots about myself, have realized my family drives me nuts, started family troubles that are retarded and gay and I'm tired of having, have disappointed several people, have made some great friends, have had memorable nights laughing with friends, have gone on some spontaneous adventures, etc.

Looking forward to 2009 I want to have fun, I want to enjoy the small things in life, I want to eliminate the drama, I want to make great friendships, foster old friendships, and get rid of people who don't need to be there. I want to go on more adventures and be more spontaneous. I want to get better grades, I want to grow closer to my God, I want to spend more time laughing/hugging/kissing/smiling than fighting. I want to get into nursing school or at least get a job at a hospital. I want to get out from all financial ties from my parents (ie my phone bill). I want my family to learn to just get along and stop holding grudges and getting mad over stupid bullshit (probably won't happen but I can wish).

I WILL stand up for myself more towards my parents, will be respected as a young adult who likes to have fun but is still responsible. I will travel more, love more, worry less. I will spend money more wisely, take advantage of more opportunities and laugh every day.

2009 is going to be a great year.......hahaha as Ashley said (and you can take this in any context you wish) it's the year of my "O"'s time :)

I learned A LOT and grew A LOT in 2008 but good riddance to 2008 and all it's problems/drama. Hello to 2009 and new opportunities!!!

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