Friday, December 12, 2008

Mr. Vrbas

Hahaha well things with Vrbas are interesting. We have only gone on one date but hung out three times now. He has the cutest dog, Bud, that now loves to cuddle up with me. Rather I think he loves attention and when Vrbas and I aren't giving it to him for long enough he'll come jump up on our laps. Or he'll come hop up right in the middle of us as if to say "Hey you two, stop paying attention to each other and pay attention to me."

This morning he sent me a text saying " (Smiley face) thanks for coming" and saying that we need to go on a date sometime soon. He then went on to say that he likes me a little, just a little...hahahaha. We have a joke that I'm in his top 20 kissers, apparently I got bumped up to top YES!!! I'm 18 :)

Anywho, it was fun getting to hang out with him last night and get to know him better. He's definitely a cutie and definitely a sweetie. It will be interesting to see where things head.

I know that in his last relationship he got pretty burned, he knows I just got out of a relationship a few months ago and we are both kinda dancing around how we get to know each other without getting too involved as we are both kind of protected. It is nice though to get his huge hugs when I get to his place and when I leave. I love big hugs :)

Mr. Vrbas, I like you a little.

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