Sunday, December 21, 2008


So anyone who knows me knows that I have an extremely small assets on the bottom are more than abundant, my assets on top are more than lacking to put it lightly. My breasts are in between an A and AA cup. Up until junior year of high school the bras I owned came from the little girls section. I bought my first "real" bra from the women's section my junior year of high school and then my second one about my freshman year of college. Those are the two bras I currently wear. I own a bra from Victoria's Secret I bought in hopes of "growing into" that was a size A and I still don't fit into it.

Well basically let's just say my bras are reaching that point where not only am I bored of them and wanted more sophisticated bras, but they are getting a little old and worn out. So I made it my mission to get some new bras.

For those that aren't blessed with a lack of breasts, trying to find a bra that fits and fits well is sort of like the mission to find Atlantis. There is a small glimmer of hope but it's basically like Mission: Impossible.

Since Victoria's Secret was having a buy-one-get-one-half-off deal, I decided to go actually spend some time and search for a friggin bra. And guess what?! I found one that is comfortable, that fits, and I can actually have the option to choose what color I want!!! So therefore I got four of them :)

And I just happened to get one of the Intimissi bras....for those that are familiar with Victoria's Secret.....and they have this little pocket in them. You can buy these little inserts that basically help people like me to have a more rounded look to their chest, so I bought them. And no my boobs do not look huge or fake but a little more rounded and full. I obviously still wear an A bra but now I feel a little more confidant sitting here in a bra that is more adult, completely comfortable and not from the little girls section or a "barely there" bra.

It's amazing how sexy a great bra can make you feel :) Even for those of us that basically have no boobs.

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