Saturday, June 13, 2009

Crazy Fun - updated w/ pics

Last night was a crazy fun night for me :)

Eric invited me to come to a concert with him and Daniel. Genius' didn't buy tickets so we didn't end up going which sorta was a bummer. It was 311 and Ziggy Marley at Red Rocks. Red Rocks is a beautiful outdoors amphitheater and well it would have been great music.

However, when I got there the first thing I was greeted with was a drunk Eric (who ironically enough didn't want me to see him drunk) and Daniel leaving for a liquor and cigarette run. I also got to officially meet Britt, something other than his hand waving through Eric's room's door one fine morning at 3am when he drunkenly came pounding to party and grab beers. It was a very fitting start to a great night.

We decided after the liquor run after six conversations of the same discussion thanks to Eric (lol) that we were gonna go downtown. Downtown was preceded by paper airplane making and flying off their seventh floor balcony, a great discussion with Daniel about my past hatred for his pompousness and marijuana, and watching Eric go through the beginning motions of drunkenness stupor :)

We hit a couple bars....had a few drinks, got to love up and make fun of Eric and have some great convos, a couple high fives and bums.....and played pool. Then went to LoDo in which we ran into old high school friends and danced it up while taking a few shots....not to mention my much necessitated bathroom runs as my bladder is the size of a mustard seed when alcohol is involved.

It was a great night :) Too much fun happening to post here and accuarately portray but a great night getting to be myself and be comfortable and relaxed and have fun without the worries of my parents on my shoulders as they are out of town. Got to spend another night cuddling and kissing up on Eric :) Always a huge plus in my book!! God I love him. I think at one point I may have even told him that but in his drunkenness I'm not sure he was amidst kicking Daniel and his girly friend's ass at pool, all the while reminding him every time he went to shoot which balls we were :) There's not too much detail he remembers.

Anywho, great night, great morning, now I'm relaxing at home....always fun nights :)

Me, Jenna and Nick at LoDo's

Daniel, Jenna, and Eric at LoDo's

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