Saturday, June 20, 2009

Mushi Mushi

Mushi Mushi....hello hello

Where to start, where to begin.....

How about the middle....

I found a church home that I am really excited about!! Harvest Fellowship. It's the first time in several years that I have found a church that feels comfortable yet challenging to me. It challenges my a good sense. It challenges me to continue leaning on God, to continue my relationship with him...but in the comfortable homey way I need it to. So far the church family has been amazing to me and to my family that comes :) I don't ever claim to be a perfect person, nor a great strong Christian woman. I have my faults to a huge extreme and in some senses of the word am liberal. But I love my God, and I love that I have found a place to worship my God with other Christians and listen to a sermon that teaches and guides me in a very loving and welcoming manner.

Job apps are coming along. I think I will be pretty set for a job starting in August. I am applying for my substitute teaching license to sub for the Brighton School District or Denver School District. I also have two interviews this next week for the school for a substitute para position and one for a nutrition assistant manager position. I also have orientation for my phlebotomy class that I'm trying to get into so hopefully I will have that to add to my health field resume and I just got my Basic Life Support certificate which I need for all of my CNA job applications in Denver. Hopefully I get some sort of employment here soon!!! I do work a few hours here and there for my parents right now at Reflections to try and earn some money. Right now I would like any job.
Although I am going to University Hospital on Monday to talk to Human Resources. There is this job as a specialty clerk in the NICU that I think would be well I need to update my resume with that BLS certificate and I would love to talk to a recruiter in person. All this online stuff makes it hard sometimes.

I had a little bit of a wild night last night!! Eric and I went out with a couple of my FoCo friends.....the word limo was given to us so we were down. Kim and I were the only girls. Eric and I met up with Kim, David and Dan at a microbrewery, then headed to meet the rest of the party at the limo.....that's when I found out that Kim and I were the only female members of what turned out to be a bachelor party. Eric was a great sport not knowing anyone though and given that I unknowingly invited him to a bachelor party. BUT we got a really sweet hummer limo ride and some good memories to go with it.

There's a lot that I could go on about what I love about my relationship with Eric but a few things that constantly scream out at me that make this an amazing relationship is our honesty, our candidness, and our trust. Eric pretty much knows a lot more about me than I think he was prepared to hear. He's heard some of my dirty closet, a couple of my fears, my dreams and aspirations, and some painful feelings that are in my heart. But he's rolled with all of it thus far and has been almost as open as I am. Granted, he's not as apt to spill his guts like I am but he's been completely honest about everything thus far. And I respect him for it and love that he is. And given some of the crazy things we've already done and seen together, there's a ton of trust there. For which I can't thank him enough. It feels so good to have that trust and to know it goes both ways. I can trust him whether he's with me or not and vice versa, no matter what's going on. :) It's a great feeling!!

I really like that at the end of whatever crazy night or conversation we've just had....he's there with a smile, a hug, a kiss and some sort of compassionate words, all things that I know looking in his beautiful brown eyes are coming from his heart.

I just have a keeper :) And I'm not afraid to admit it!!

I sound so mushy right now. Oh well....he's worth it :)

Tonight we're having another fun night out and about the town of Denver with friends....double header this weekend ;) Oh what stories will ensue from tonight....

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