Thursday, June 18, 2009

Red Roses

Alright, I'm a goofball, I know it BUT....

Today while we were at the airport, Tan and I sat on the top level watching passengers who have arrived come up the escalators and greet their families. Marc went through security with my Grams to the gate and Tan and I just hung out. Grams plan ended up being delayed so we literally had almost two hours to kill.

I happened to spot a young gentlemen in a red striped shirt holding a dozen red roses. My first thought was "AWW isn't that sweet?" and the other thought was "poor guy just spent $30 on something I'd kill in less than a day".....however I only verbated the first thought out loud to my cousin. We decided to watch and see him greet his girlfriend and see how she reacted. The poor guy literally stood there for a half hour. And during that time, Tan and I were being goofy and Tanner joked about clapping when she came up. My adventurous ass said we were doing it.....AND we did!!!

She came in, was wearing a very cute yellow and grey stripped sweater by the way....and when he spotted her and hugged her we clapped pretty loudly up top at the scene below us. Her face went bright red, though I'm not sure if it was because they truly heard up clapping or because she was excited/embarrassed to see her guy.

Anywho, it was very sweet. So we made it a little adventure to people watch and see all the couples meeting up :) And then we just decided to find the most bizarre fashion trends.

We saw an 80's bomber jacket on a kid with a fro, we saw a lady in the brightest tightest red skirt I've seen on a lady her size, we saw Hawaiian shirts and lots of lime green (yeah!) and the winner of the night was......drumroll......PARACHUTE pants!!! Yes, parachute pants, worn by a tiny white female none-the-less :) It was great.

I think we also were starting to get targeted by security though as we had been loitering for almost two hours and at the end walked two laps around the airport up top where you look down upon security. Had a few people watching us.....and then when we waited for Marci to come back through A-Security. Definitely had a lady in a green vest downright eyeing us.

Can I just say though that if a guy was ever to surprise me with flowers at the airport, I would hope it wouldn't be red roses. I realize they are one of the symbols of love and whatnot but I just wouldn't want them.

1) My mom decorated everything in roses when I was younger. To me roses belong outside on a bright rose bush, not in my house.
2) They are easily killed and I have a black thumb a good percentage of the time.
3) They are too dark. I don't like dark flowers. I like bright cheery ones :)
4) They aren't aren't original. Bring me a couple gerbs or a callalilly, something not everyone else gets. And those flowers last a long time. Get more bang for your buck!!

Ok my tangents need to be cut short right here. Otherwise I might go on all night about this. My mind is moving a million miles an hour tonight and I just will spew it all out if I don't stop.

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