Thursday, June 18, 2009

Goodbye for Now

Just had to say goodbye to my grams at the airport


Sad sad day.

You can tell she didn't want to go back. She never does. All my grandpa's fuddy duddy family lives back in West Virginnie but Grams heart is where her kids, grandkids and now greatgrandchild are....which is in Colorado. She even told me if she had all the $$$ in the world, she'd be here in Colorado.

But she keeps making excuses to go back and take care of my old carmuddgen grandfather who only comes out for the obligatory graduations anymore.

I wish my grandmother could just let herself see how much we really do want her here and she's not a bother. I miss having my grams for three-four months during the summer in which I get to flop on her bed every night and talk about my day and what's on my mind and all my problems and then hear her advice, words of comfort or disagreement, and then a bible verse to get me through the day or night. I miss that.

She's my twin soul who I can tell anything. It sucks having that part of me a million miles away where I can't just have easy access to it. Darn you grandpa and your stubborn ways.

I know she'd be happier here.

I guess I'll just have to wait until the next major holiday when she flies back out this way and I get to enjoy her pleasant company again for a brief duration.

Goodbye for now you and miss you tons already

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