Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Job Application, Please?!

I've spent the last two days applying to probably a good 30-40 jobs....and I have applied to a plethora of them. Hospitals, hotels, city of brighton and arvada, brighton school district, city of denver....including CNA work, lawn/landscaping, recreation, spas, paraprofessional, etc.

I applied to AIMS so that in the fall I can get my phlebotomy license. I hope to take a class this saturday to get my basic life support license/certificate through the American Heart Association as it's required for most anything in the hospital and I let my first aid/cpr/aed licensures expire w/o renewing them.

I am about job applicated out.....finding a job is a full-time job I'll tell ya. I don't know what people are griping about saying they can't get jobs. There are jobs ALL over the place....I can't possibly apply to everything I'm qualified for (which my qualifications are limited yet varied) as there is SO much. There are SO many professional, seasonal/temp, as well as skilled jobs available. It's just a matter of weather you are willing to work them or not. For instance there is a job as a bicycle putter-together type person that pays $13.40/hr. There was a cheese manager position at Sunflower (my favorite place to shop for groceries!)....and on and on and on.

Trust me people, there ARE jobs out there....it's just a matter of what you're willing to do and are you willing to not make as much as you would like...but at this point in time $$ is $$ to me.

There is one job in particular that I'm really excited about that I applied to today...it's a job as a clerk in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. I realize it's not medical, just clerical, but I would be in the EXACT unit I want to be in....not to mention it's at University Hospital which is the hospital in conjunction with CU -Denver....God would definitely be blessing me if by some dumb luck I got that job!!

But I got an email today from the City of Denver saying that I was eligible for one of their positions I applied to and might get an interview for it. It's the Recreation/Golf Facility Assistant....whatever that means. It just sounded like fun :)

Oh gosh, job hunting, what an adventure!!

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