Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Update to Informational Meeting

To prelude my informational meeting, I thought I'd start off with my journey to find a Zune and winding up in Rome.

A few weeks ago at Circuit City I saw that they had 80G Zune for $170. Killer deal. The Circuit City in Brighton wasn't going out of business like others so I thought, I'm good, I won't buy it now, I need to save my money until I need to get it. Managed to NOT hear when they decided to shut down ALL their stores. Apparently everyone else knew.

I go online to price-check to find out they announced closing their doors on the 16th of JANUARY (note it's the 3rd of FEBRUARY), freak out and decide to drive after work to the one in Fort Collins. NO ZUNES! AGH! Call mom to get number for Brighton location. Brighton location doesn't answer their phone.

So I rush to leave earlier than I anticipated in driving to Denver so I could stop by the one in Brighton. Rush to print out my homework and hand-in early for class. Almost hit a concrete barrier while I'm driving down I-25. Hope that they have a Zune.

Arrive. AH! Go in. NO ZUNES! Agh, I give up. It's not happening for me. So I try to look for Planet Earth. None left. Dane Cook?! Don't have any of his movies. Good Luck Chuck?!! Freshly gone. But alas, both seasons of Rome. YES I OWN ROME NOW....and you can be jealous. GREAT show. As they say, when in Rome....

Anywho, I went to the informational meeting last night. It clarified all my questions, I know how the program works and I'm SO EXCITED to apply....however I'm nervous. They are the frontiers of the Nurse Practitioner program, 3rd in the nation for pediatrics....all of their concentrations are nationally ranked within the top 20, most of them in the top 12. That's pretty damn good.

Now getting a Bachelors of Science in Nursing does not mean you get your RN. You still have to take the NCLEX (national nursing licensure exam). They have a 93.2% pass rate on the FIRST TIME for 2007. The percentage for their 2008 was even higher. Let me repeat this again, over 90% of their students pass the NCLEX their FIRST TIME taking the exam...that's HUGE....not to mention little stars start shining in my eyes about how I can succeed in life!!

However, each application period applies for two start terms. There's a summer start term followed by a spring start term (the summer is the first start term). The application for this upcoming summer and next spring just ended in November. Which means I can't apply until July, the deadline is November, won't find out until after then and upon acceptance (the application is based upon three components: the overall GPA of every class taken in the last 10 years, the GPA of all the pre-reqs required, and the essay component) will start in either Summer 2010 or Spring 2011. Which means after graduation I will have about a year and three months at least on my hands.

Which means I move back home. Ick. To Brighton.....biggest double friggin ICK you could ever imagine. I don't want to move back to Brighton. Everyone who leaves Brighton ends up coming back for some reason or another, usually because they are lame or losers at life. I don't want to come back. I hate Brighton, I hate the people in Brighton, I hate the location of Brighton, I hate the stigma of Brighton. There is nothing good in Brighton than my family and a few friends who also want to get out. But alas living with my parents is free. I'm not too excited about that either but at least it's free. I just hope they are more relaxed when it comes time for me to move in.

This whole curfew thing, being in bed by 10pm thing is not gonna work for me. I just can't do it!! And the bickering. The bickering in my house has got to stop. But alas it will only be me and Reece left. And no I will not be Reece's babysitter. That is not my job. Nope, will not do it.

Anywho, I'm very excited about nursing school. It's a while to wait but will be well worth it.

However, the aspect of working for a year to save up (because I need money for school and can't have a job) is not that exciting. Hopefully I can get a schnazzy job.

Anywho, class time. I'm off!!

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