Thursday, February 26, 2009

Ok, Really?!

I am mad. Mad at myself and mad that people have to be SO rude and disrespectful.

My beloved roadbike got stolen!!

Seriously, why do people have to steal other people's stuff?!?! I'm mad at myself for having left it in front of the campus rec center for two weeks. However, that still doesn't diminish how mad I am that I can't leave my bike there for two weeks without some asshole stealing my bike!! What is wrong with people?!

RIP wonderful road bike....may I see whoever stole you riding you someday so I can tackle them to the ground and reclaim your wonderfully-steel bod.


Davivjohnstifu said...

hmmm so you should ask the police...they sometimes confiscate bikes that don't move for a while...

The re-awakening of an Athlete said...

I agree also that you need to check all possibilities.

When I read your blog I was thinking - wow - how awful is it to think that some person took your bike. Meaning, that you automatically thought that someone stole your bike. You did not give any thought that perhaps a maintenance person/police/security saw the bike sitting (locked up at the bike rack) day after day for two weeks and decided that was too long for a bike to be locked up a bike rack which I would assume has other bikes being locked up day after day?

Or perhaps the park maintenance people/police/security had come during the day and thought the bike was not going to picked up and decided to put in the lost and found where ever that may be. There are other scenarios I could list out.

You are thinking one sided that someone took your bike and have not given any thought to other possibilities – that is kind of sounding like “the pot calling the kettle black.”

I hope the best for you on a recovery of your bike.

Nicole.Ann said...

I already checked those avenues before I figured out my bike was stolen. I'm not one-sided and I check all avenues before I say something.

I immediately called the police who referred me to the bike department of the campus police. They have not done any "impounding" for a month and won't do it until the end of the semester.

As well, I also checked every bike rack I've ever left my bike before I made this post. I KNOW my bike was stolen as I've checked every other avenue.

Thank you for assuming that I'm "the pot calling the kettle back"....