Monday, February 23, 2009


This weekend for Alpha Phi Omega we did Ramride.

Ramride is a community service instrument designed to promote safe non-judgmental transportation. It's aimed at keeping people from drinking and driving, knowing that they can call an all-volunteer staff who will transport them home after an evening of fun.

Like I said, it's all on a volunteer basis. The cars are rented via ASCSU (who houses Ramride) and us volunteers provide the necessary insurance to drive them.

We team up into pairs...a driver and navigator. Starting at 10am we receive phone calls on thursday, friday and saturday night. We pick them up, take them home, and call into dispatch for the next ride. We do it all night long, continuing to receive calls until 2am and finish out rides until they are done.

Saturday night we were out until 4am. Alpha Phi Omega gave 545 rides in one night!! It's a new record. Honestly though, it was a blast :)

A few good stories:

We started off with a Town & Country....aka minivan. Our first pick-up was four girls. Three were maybe tipsy at best, but Emily (girl #4) was drunk off her ass. The f-bomb flying every half-word. Absolutely obnoxious. Singing to the radio (country music of course!) at the top of her lungs, not singing the right words or even song! Her friends profusely apologize getting out the car.
40 minutes later: We pick the same four girls up from a house other than that which we dropped them off at!! Emily, drunk girl, was even more obnoxious!!! Her friends got out literally exclaiming "we hope we don't see you again tonight...we are SO sorry for her."

First pick-up in old town: We park and phone our guy (who didn't answer the phone) but we wait for ten minutes if they don't pick up to see if they need a ride. A very drunk 30/40-year-old woman in front of us stands staring at our van for about four minutes. About four minutes in she starts stumbling out of nowhere lunging towards and falling on our hood. She literally laid on the hood until her bf/fiance/guy friend noticed and helped her off the hood!!! Her expression laying on the hood was priceless though....absolutely bewildered and apathetic at the same time....absolutely motionless until the dude helped her up.

Second pick-up in old town: Right as I drive to the pick-up slot, a see a guy throwing a punch. Next thing a cop has a night stick, hits him once in the back bringing him to the ground, and puts him in handcuffs. Find out the guy is an older gentlemen out with his college-age son. He hit a college-age dude. I don't know what's worse....being the kid who's father is arrested or the kid who just got his nose broke by an older guy?! Hilarious scene to watch though!

Like I said, a great night!! And all for the greater good and greater safety of Fort Collins :)

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