Friday, February 13, 2009


CSU is the Green University. And while it's not as green as I would like, since we do call ourselves that, Fort Collins is second only to Boulder in Colorado about environmental and agricultural issues. And I love Fort Collins for that. Besides, Fort Collins is MUCH friendlier than Boulder.


Because of that, Fort Collins is a prime spot for activists, especially as it's a college town. The Green RV comes through here, the Bonfils blood drive RV's are on campus roughly once a week, environmentalists are always walking around.

I have a few issues that I am very avid about.

Cutting back on paper products and plastics.
Local, sustainable agriculture.
Biodiversity and safe practices in the food industry.
Organic and anti-pesticide use. Screw you Mansanto.

I got stopped by the environmentalists in the plaza today. Which was cool. Ramsey was actually a very enthusiastic personable non-annoying person. They were with Greenpeace. Which I have heard of and have wanted to support for awhile but because of financial issues I haven't. Well I decided today that if I'm going to talk-the-talk, I better start doing a little walking too.

So today I became a student activist with Greenpeace. Which just means I support them with monetary donations to keep fighting for our environment.

Issues that they focus on:
Global Warming
Nuclear Energy
Toxic waste

So far they have gotten some good things going. Kimberly-Clark, the manufacturer of Kleenex, is responsible for major deforrestation (an issue that scares the crap out of me). For being the Green University, we use their products. Greenpeace has gotten 14 Universities to stop using this manufacturer and use a more environment-friendly manufacturer. They are working to get our administration to make the switch. How cool would that be?!

Oh yes, fast fact, we have a restaurant on the CSU campus that grows all its own ingredients and uses local beef/dairy. It's called the Aspen Grille. I need to eat there sometime. It's student-operated by the Restaurant & Resort Management, which is a sister option to the Human Nutrition and Food Science degree I am currently almost graduating with. Pretty sweet.

Support Greenpeace. Support our environment. And please recycle :)

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