Thursday, February 12, 2009

Priceless Memory

So maybe you have to be here to know how much I adore this moment:

Scene: our living room in our messy apartment. Sink overflowing, recycling in piles, two 12 packs of Citrus Drop.

Characters: Shelly, Britt, I, Shelly's physics classmate

Scenario: I'm trying to cook my first artichoke ever. I have no idea what I'm doing. Also doing laundry. Shelly starting to study with physics girl who also bakes. Britt out of the shower, baking "high altitide" brownie cookies, wearing her lifts on her dress shoes for her spine and pajamas.

I have no idea how to cook an artichoke. Neither does anyone else. Britt however doesn't know how to crack an egg!!

Random comment "I was going to ask if my balls were big enough" (in reference to brownie cookies).

These random nights full of bizarre scenarios and lots of laughs are why I love living with Britt and Shelly so much.

They warm my heart. Even if none of us know how to cook an artichoke. Ill let you know how it turns out. Where does the edible artichoke come from? Maybe I should know this.......

Update a few hours later: The artichoke was good....after you eat the heart it has this creepy furry middle that reminds me of something that would try to suck me in and eat me alive. Hmmm.

Britt's brownie cookies turned out great! See she can be a baker.....sort of. Brownies and powdered sugar. Stroke of genius and stroke of my bum getting just a tiny bit bigger.

I actually did some homework tonight!! Be proud. :)

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