Monday, February 16, 2009


To the max.

Work: Taking up too much time. Employees not taking responsibility. Tension-filled atmosphere.

School: 17 credit hours. Constantly behind. Bored with my major.

APO: Defense mechanism up. Don't feel like an important part of the group. Not as fun as once was.

Bills: Too many. Not enough money. Need a new computer. Can't get one. Things poppuing up left and right that need to be paid. Start paying off school loans in nine months. Scary thought.

Body: Giving out on me. Trying to get sick. Constant excruciating back pain. Gained 5 lbs. Pants not fitting. Not enough sleep.

Future: Nursing school pending. Moving back in with parents (ugh) to Brighton (double ugh). Job hunting starts in two months.

Friends: No time to see them. Trying not to take frustrations out on them but being incredibly unsuccessful. No such thing as a best friend right now, highly discouraging.

Family: Still not talking between parents and aunt. Extremely discouraging. Not extremely close to any of them right now. Ick.

Relationships: Something that I know I desire one day but right now not enough time or emotional well to give to someone else. Selfish.

Leisure time: What the hell is this?! That's a foreign concept almost.

Frustrated and getting worn there a break in sight?!

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