Monday, February 02, 2009

Informational Meeting


I have the informational meeting tomorrow to apply to nursing school. I'm really nervous. This is what I want to do with my life. It's serious. It's not just another major, it's just "another class". And because of that, this is more critical to my life. And absolutely critical to my future.

And of course because it's serious it's a harder application process.

Nerve-wracking to the max. But in two months the application will be turned in. In four months I should be finding out if I'm accepted into nursing school or not. The year of my life depends on this....more so, the way the rest of my life pans out depends on this. AHH....scary.

Nursing school?! Will I be there in several months?! Or will I be on the job market?!

Tomorrow starts that course.


On a side note I'm going to write some randoms. I feel like I don't do that enough. It's always serious hub-bub. Part of the reason for a blog but also needs some breaking up in it.

I am addicted to the A&E channel when I watch tv. Here's my tv routine. Every morning while getting ready I listen to VH1's Jumpstart. I'm a reality tv junkie to the max and will watch most any reality thing. Yes I know, it's ridiculous and I'm almost ashamed to admit. But a huge weakness is A&E. Dog the Bounty Hunter, Intervention, Manhunters, Gene Simmons Family Jewels, and Paranormal State. It's sickening but it's replaced Discovery Health since we don't have it. Paranormal State is the newest love.

Windor pilates is great to do. Shelly and I are going along strong on our working out stuff :) We mix up pilates, swimming, the elliptical and weights. We did the elliptical and abs last friday. We went 45 mins on the elliptical, which I pushed myself hard and to the max. Then did abs. I read an article about the first assassination of the 21st century (the former Russian spy who was poisoned while residing in London) and about the emergence of chemical assassinations. It also talked about how the Russian government okayed the trackdown and assassination of certain people. And how they like to go as exotic as possible so it's harder to trace how they die. And I also read about protons being used to combat cancer. Give me a was either the science magazine or Good Living to read on the elliptical. I went with something a little more stimulating to my brain.

I smoked our apartment last week. We lit the fireplace and our house (and my hair) smelled like a campfire for four days. It was awful. The worst part was a few days before that I couldn't get the fire to start to save my life....and I know how to start a fire. That was lame. But then again so was my hair smelling like a campfire for four days.

I have severe senioritis. It's hard to go to class or be motivated. I think I'm just really bored. I care nothing about nutrition and am REALLY tired of talking about obesity and type 2 diabetes. It makes me want to scream.

Paranormal State is freaking me out right now....and it thrills me. Church for the damned. Freaky shit.

Psalm 119:30-37

I need a reason to dress up in the next semester. I haven't dressed up for a bit.

I also have the urge to go shopping. It might be time to go hit up Forever 21 and Pacsun and see if they are having any killer sales.

I'm getting a tattoo here soon. It's the phrase "I am always learning" in Latin. Ego sum etiam eruditior. It's going to go on my left hip. I'm actually really excited about this. My parents will flip when they find out. That's ok.

I need to print off a shitton of pics. I have a whole scrapbook for Kevan I need to get to working on. He graduates in three short months. YIKES!!! Man they are growing up so fast. He wants to be a producer/audio engineer. He's pretty good. Writes a lot of his old stuff right now. It's gangsta but still talented none-the-less. He said he'd hook me up with some rad parties once he hits the industry. He better remember his offer :D

I really like what my peace ring symbolizes to me. It's the equality of the human race. Not peace as in no fighting, love, we all sing songs and get along. As in we are all equals, imperfectly perfect, and we all are unique individuals of God who deserve respect, time, and love.

I need to get to bed. I'm going to cut off here. Stupid 8am class. Ick.

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