Monday, February 23, 2009

More Moments

I realize that everyone has their little moments that they have come to love. And to most everyone else these moments are indescribable because they are mundane. But they are meaningful and touching.

Britt works in SLiCE which is the office right behind the IBOX. She stopped by and asked "Dude, want to walk with me to CAM's?!" This may seem stupid and not full of meaning. But she thought of me to come walk with her down the hall to buy food. And, well, she asked me. I don't have many friends that take the time to ask me to do things.

Shelly and I cooked dinner again today. This may not seem like much but to me it's bliss. Two friends/roommates collectively preparing dinner. She making spaghetti noodles, me un-vining grapes and cutting up cantaloupe. Sitting down to enjoy our meal and snuggle up on the same couch watching Madagascar.

They are simple and mundane but right now these friends with roommates are what I live for. A little thought and a little friendship go a long way for me.

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